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Programa Educativo Migrante

Migrant Education Program


Se an mudado en los ultimos tres años?

Have you moved in the last three years?


A trabajado en agricultura?

Have you worked in agriculture?

  Su familia podria calificar por servicios que el Programa Educativo Migrante  Ofrece....... 

Then you might qualify for several services through our Migrant Education Program......


  • Desayuno y almuerzo gratuito por parte de la escuela de su hijo

Free breakfast and lunch through your child(s) school 


  • Escula de verano gratuita

    Free Summer School


  • Recuperacion de creditos (High School)

High School credit recovery


  • Conexiones con recursos comunitarios

    Connections to Community Resources







 Migran Child Defenition

            A migrant child is defines as a "migratory youth" younger than 22 years of age who has not graduated form high school and does not hold a high school equivalency certificate and is either a migrant agricultural worker or a migrant fisher or has a parent, spouse, or guardian who is such a worker.  In addition, the child must have moved within the preceding 36 months in order to obtain, seek, or accompany a parent, spouse, or guardian working to obtain or seek temporary or seasonal employment in qualifying work.


MEP Eligibility

            A child is eligible for MEP services if the child meets the aboce "migratory youth" definition requirements and the child has moved from one school district to another or one district administrative are to another or resides in a district of more than 15,000 square miles and migrates a distance of 20 miles or more to a temporary residence to engage in qualifying work.


MEP Purpose

            Support and identify migrant students and their academic needs in order to ensure that migrant youths receive full and equitable access to academic achievement and overcome educational disruption, cultural and language barriers, social isolation, health-related problems, and other factors that might inhibit success and/or entrance into postsecundary education and employment.


MEP and Ogden City Schools

            Ogden City Schols are accountable and empowered to meet the needs of all eligible migrant students as part of a coordinated district effort to ensure the success of all students. As of SY 2003-2004, individual schools have had direct supervisory responsibility for their MEP--both during the regular school year as well as during the summer intercession. Principal and faculties have been enabled to more closely monitor and more adequately provide services for their individual migrant stufents that ever before. Funds are directly dispersed to the schools, and programs are directly aligned at the school level in order to best ensure the academic and emotional success of eligible migrant students.  




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