Assessment and Accountability

The Office of Assessment and Accountability supports our district, school, and classroom leaders in meeting state and district testing requirements. Our team aims to ensure a shared understanding of proper assessment practices among all educators, provide exemplary professional learning opportunities, and expedite educator access to critical data sources/reports.


Based on the performance data from 2016-2017, our office determined it necessary to update the CIA Performance Bands to improve overall data analysis. The updated performance band will include 5 proficiency levels (see below) and replace the proficiency labels (e.g. Highly Proficient, etc.) with level numbers.

Here is a link to the presentation slides from the August 14th Administrator's Meeting. The slides contain additional information regarding changes to the 2017-18 CIAs.

The Assessment and Data team will facilitate a Kindergarten Entry and Exit (KEEP) test administration training on August 16th at 1:00 - 3:30 in PDC B. This training is for all kindergarten teachers who were unable to attend one of USBE's summer training sessions. 

Participants should RSVP by completing this form.

As a reminder, all teachers are required to attend a training session prior to administering the KEEP assessment in August.


Adam McMickell

Kim Bowman
Administrative Assistant

Ian Davey
Teacher Specialist


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