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Announcing the New Digital Learning Ambassador Program

Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum is a no-cost computer literacy program designed to teach learners basic digital skills which will apply to many careers in the current and future job force.

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce our Summer Digital Learning Ambassador Program! Ogden School Districts’ Summer Digital Learning Ambassador Program will be featuring Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum this summer for students in 6th-9th grade. Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum is a no-cost computer literacy program designed to teach learners basic digital skills which will apply to many careers in the current and future job force. Each project will require students to explore, create, and collaborate with others. Our participants will be working through eight different projects with a variety of activities attached to each one. Each project centers around building a work related skill or connects to work related concepts.

The goal of this program is to immerse students in an experience that connects them to the real world. Halfway through the summer program, students will develop a community or parent event that they will host on the last day. Students will use their digital skills to plan, organize, and promote an event. Lessons before this midterm project will build the necessary skills for it, while projects after the midterm will refine their skills and show students the use of these skills in potential future careers.

There will be two different sessions this summer. There will be 2 groups in the June Cohort from June 4th-June 22nd, and two groups in July Cohort: from July 2nd- July 19th. The program will be Monday-Thursday from 8:00 am- 12:00 pm. Lunch will be provided.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity by navigating to the URL below to register:


If you need a paper copy please contact your student’s office staff. For more information, please call Mariela Sanguino (801) 737-7303

Queridos padres,

¡Nos complace anunciar nuestro Programa de Embajadores de Aprendizaje Digital de Verano! El Programa de Embajadores de Aprendizaje Digital de Verano de los Distritos Escolares de Ogden presentará el currículo de Habilidades Digitales Aplicadas de Google este verano para los estudiantes de 6. ° a 9. ° grado. El currículum de Habilidades digitales aplicadas de Google es un programa de alfabetización informática sin costo diseñado para enseñar a los alumnos destrezas digitales básicas que se aplicarán a muchas carreras en la fuerza laboral actual y futura. Cada proyecto requerirá que los estudiantes exploren, creen y colaboren con otros. Nuestros participantes trabajarán en ocho proyectos diferentes con una variedad de actividades asociadas a cada uno. Cada proyecto se centra en la construcción de una habilidad relacionada con el trabajo o se conecta con conceptos relacionados con el trabajo

El objetivo de este programa es sumergir a los estudiantes en una experiencia que los conecte con el mundo real. A la mitad del programa de verano, los estudiantes desarrollarán un evento comunitario o de padres que alojarán el último día. Los estudiantes usarán sus habilidades digitales para planear, organizar y promover un evento. Las lecciones previas a este proyecto de mitad de período crearán las habilidades necesarias para ello, mientras que los proyectos posteriores a la mitad del período refinarán sus habilidades y mostrarán a los estudiantes el uso de estas habilidades en futuras carreras potenciales.

Habrá dos sesiones diferentes este verano. Habrá 2 grupos en la Cohorte de junio del 4 de junio al 22 de junio, y dos grupos en la Cohorte de julio: del 2 de julio al 19 de julio. El programa será de lunes a jueves de 8:00 a.m. a 12:00 p.m. El almuerzo será proporcionado.

Le recomendamos encarecidamente que aproveche esta oportunidad navegando a la siguiente URL para registrarse:


Si necesita una copia en papel, comuníquese con el personal de la oficina de su estudiante. Para obtener más información, llame a Mariela Sanguino al (801) 737-7303

Emotional Support Resources For Students

We believe that no child should have to carry the burden of fear or depression alone. Ogden School District desires to provide resources for students who may need support.

Ogden School District is sensitive to the physical, mental and emotional health of all students. Regarding mental and emotional health, some parents may have concerns with certain media and entertainment and the portrayal of this issues. As we become more aware of the new struggles faced by children in our modern society, we desire to provide families with resources to provide additional support for those who may need it.

Please click here to access information about the television series 13 Reasons Why along with resources for families. Please click here to access information about the SafeUT mobile app which provides additional anonymous resources for kids facing challenges from bullying to depression. SafeUT also provides students with a tool to anonymously report safety threats.

We urge parents and caregivers to talk with children and help them understand that if a student ever feels unsafe for any reason or has thoughts or feelings of depression we encourage them to use the SafeUT app or to ask to talk with a school counselor, and they will be provided a safe place to talk about their feelings. We believe that no child should have to carry the burden of fear or depression alone.

Summer Programs Available for Kids

Ogden School District has joined with numerous community partners to provide a multitude of exceptional summer programs for kids. Details are at summer.ogdensd.org.

Ogden School District is pleased to offer a variety of programs through the District and our community partners from arts to sports and from free meals to fun science. Find the details at summer.ogdensd.org.

Cory Jensen named 2018/2019 Teacher of the Year at Evening of Appreciation

Cory Jensen, Ben Lomond High School teacher, was named the Teacher of the Year at the Evening of Appreciation! The District and Board is excited to nominate Cory for the Utah Teacher of the Year by the Utah State Board of Education.

Cory Jensen, Ben Lomond High School teacher, holds his Teacher of the Year award.


Join the Ogden School District community in congratulating Cory as we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-11! 

Cory said he was extremely honored to be chosen for this award, and felt that there were an enormous amount of people in the district who were more worthy of the honor than he.   

"There are so many ways that I want to improve in my teaching, and I feel like I have a very long way to go, but I am thrilled at the prospect of shaping and changing lives for the better," he said. "I can think of no better place to be doing those things and having a positive impact than Ogden School District and with those I work with everyday. Thank you."

Cory takes data one step further by analyzing and asking tough questions in his class to make it a good learning experience for the students. By doing so, he has helped students learn from their mistakes and discover the love of learning!

He creates highly engaging lessons to explain physics concepts including, throwing and dropping eggs, setting up experiments in the commons areas with balloons, airplanes, learning games and more. He is a member of the school leadership team that contributes, organizes and leads the science PLC, and supports in developing Ben Lomond High Schools goals. He is a highly engaging teacher and students are learning from hands on activities. Students feel really supported by him; he will likely be on the favorite teacher list for about everyone of BLHS’s students. He is a highly popular teacher and colleague because of his positive attitude and fun personality.

Check out Ogden School District Facebook page for more photos and information.

Jared Cherry is named 2018/2019 Education Support Professional at Evening of Appreciation

Jared Cherry, Building & Grounds foreman for the Ogden School District, was named the Education Support Professional of the Year at the Evening of Appreciation!

Jared Cherry, Operations & Facilities foreman, holds his Education Support Professional award.


Jared said he was honored and humbled to receive the award, and first on his list to thank was his beautiful wife Amy Cherry for her support and the Facilities & Operations Leadership Team: Steve Torman, Ken Crawford, Marc Blanchard, Darwin Smith and Marcus Phipps for their continued support, team work and friendship. 

"I would also like to thank and recognize all the hard working men and women on our Maintenance and Custodial teams, and all other Education Support Professionals," he said. "The work you do everyday is an important part of our students education process. Ogden School District has the best teachers, administrators and educational support professionals, and I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing group of people. I Choose Ogden!! "

Jared facilitates meetings with the maintenance employees to go over their work orders and assists them to prioritize their work, which helps with the departments goal to prioritize problems that have an effect on the schools learning environment, and by doing this, he helps the department improve student achievement.   

He insists on supporting the learning environment so the students can excel by taking care of distractions like leaking roofs, leaking faucets, making sure the classrooms are at a comfortable temperature, or having the inter-write boards or projectors installed so the students can have the technology the teachers need to teach, which also helps improve instruction. Jared is incredibly nice and willing to help. He goes above and beyond, and he never complains, is always dependable and does what is best for kids.

Check out Ogden School District Facebook page for more photos and information.

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