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In accordance with Utah law, Ogden School District is required to present an argument for the issuance of bonds as presented to voters during the 2018 election. There was no argument against the issuance of bonds filed during the state mandated submission period.

Argument “For” the Issuance of $87 Million in General Obligation Bonds

The Board of Education (the “Board”) of Ogden City School District (the “District”) recognizes the obligation to provide students in the District with a quality education. Indeed, the success of our community is directly linked to our children’s education and their ability to make decisions, solve problems and serve those around them. Never has our future been more dependent on an exceptional education. Key to this success are facilities capable of utilizing current and future technological and instructional advancements to deliver an education experience to best serve the needs of today and the foreseeable future.

In 2002 the District did a comprehensive facility review. Facility needs were identified and cost estimates provided. In 2006, electors approved a $97 million bond to begin addressing identified needs. Those bond proceeds, along with millions in donations from generous District patrons and subsequent Board authorized bonds, have gone farther than expected. A subsequent referendum to address other facility needs failed by 238 votes in 2017. Notwithstanding, the fact remains the District is currently operating 10 schools constructed in the 1950’s or earlier that no longer meet current instructional and safety standards. Your Board of Education is working to ameliorate this situation.

Much of the debt approved in 2006 has been paid. The Board now proposes the issuance of $87 Million in General Obligation Bonds to address a new construction phase. It should be noted, bonding through a positive vote of the people is the lowest cost mechanism available to a school district for financing capital improvements. Fortunately, the State School Bond Guarantee Program enables the District to capitalize on the State’s “AAA” rating to obtain the lowest possible interest rates and thus, make the most of precious taxpayer dollars.

The Board has in place a Capital Facilities Finance Plan to identify capital facility needs and develop financing options. The proposed 2018 bond calls for new schools to replace Horace Mann and TO Smith Elementary Schools, a renovation of Polk Elementary School and an addition to Wasatch Elementary School to replace nine portable classrooms on that site. Assuming proposed projects are built under budget, remaining bond proceeds will be used, to the extent possible, for other needs identified in the Capital Facilities Finance Plan.

The Board expresses appreciation for the efforts of committed community members and district staff in reviewing needs and assisting in setting priorities for the proposed bond. November 6, 2018 is your opportunity to support District students now, and for years to come, by voting “YES” to support the Ogden City School District bond. Our children’s future and safety depend on your affirmative vote!

Board of Education of Ogden City School District September 7, 2018

The Board will discuss the pros and cons of the proposed bond on October 25. 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at the District Office Board Room, 1950 Monroe Blvd, Ogden, Utah. All interested patrons are invited and encouraged to attend.
As a matter of information, no one submitted an opposing argument.

Congratulations to Gayle Johnson for being honored with the September Achieving Higher

Congratulations to Gayle Johnson, District payroll specialist, for being honored with Ogden School District's September Achieving Higher Award! She demonstrates extraordinary skill in and dedication to building positive relationships that leave a lasting impact on student/colleague personal growth.

Read her full nomination(s) below:

“Gayle does the payroll for the whole district. This job was originally done by two people. Gayle makes sure that each person receives the correct pay based on the information that is in each employees record. She has spent countless hours during the summer to make sure that each employee was placed on the correct level and pay scale with the new job study. When most of the year round employees where taking advantage of their summer hours, Gayle was in the office making sure that the payroll would be completed on time and correctly. She had to change every employees record to reflect the new pay and levels that the job study provided. Gayle is a leader in the business office. She always greets the employees, parents and co-workers as they enter the business office in a pleasant voice and is willing to help all that come in. She has had to learn many of the new changes on her own and needs little to no supervising. She is very detailed oriented and diligent about making sure she has done the very best she can do. Gayle goes above and beyond her job title. She cares about all employees and want to make sure she has everything correct. She recently helped one of our Post High School workers get his direct deposit straighten out. She called the bank for him, and told him everything he need to do. He had to ride his bike to the bank each time he went there to get information and she was even willing to take him, if it would help him get his account taken care of.” - Linda Parsons

Voter Information Pamphlets | Folletos Informativos para los Votantes

Ogden City residents are encouraged to review the voter information pamphlet when considering the 2018 school bond proposal found on their election ballot.

Ogden School District encourages residents of Ogden City to participate in voting. In 2018, voters will be presented with a school bond proposal for their consideration. Residents may wish to review the voter information pamphlet while considering this proposal.
To review the voter information pamphlet in English, please click here.
Additional information can be found at www.OgdenBond18.org

El Distrito Escolar de Ogden alienta a los residentes de la Ciudad de Ogden a participar en la votación. En 2018, los votantes recibirán una propuesta de bonos escolares para su consideración. Los residentes pueden desear revisar el folleto de información para el votante mientras consideran esta propuesta.
Para revisar el folleto de información para el votante en Español, haga clic aquí.
Se puede encontrar información adicional en www.OgdenBond18.org

Congratulations to Diana Lenart for being honored with the September Achieving Higher

Congratulations to Diana Lenart, Bonneville Elementary 6th grade teacher, for being honored with Ogden School District's September Achieving Higher Award! She demonstrates extraordinary skill in and dedication to building positive relationships that leave a lasting impact on student/colleague personal growth.

Read her full nomination(s) below:

“Diana is always trying to find stronger relationships between her students, parents, community members, and faculty. Diana has offered to have outside safety duty everyday because she strongly feels that is a time that she can connect with her students. She is always outside no matter the weather helping students safety get picked up or making sure they walk home. She uses this time to also connect with other faculty members and parents. Diana also volunteers to give extra food to the local homeless shelters during her free time. She is constantly a beaming light and is always positive. Diana has been working at Bonneville for several years now. She has been a welcoming face to many of the Michigan teachers who work there. Additionally, she is always willing to give her time to help other faculty members. During PD trainings or faculty meetings, she is always present and volunteering to share her ideas. Diana goes above and beyond to build relationships with her students, faculty, and community members. She volunteers to do safety duty in the afternoon (even when it is not her turn) to build stronger relationships with her students. She also brings our extra food truck food to homeless shelters in order to help our community. On top of that, she is aware of her students' emotions. She has created an extra room where students can cool down. This room includes yoga mats, play-do, and other tools to help her students control their emotions. Whenever I see Diana, she is always is a positive mood and cheers everyone up!” - Kelsey Peterson

Congratulations to Jessica Smith for being honored with the September Achieving Higher

Congratulations to Jessica Smith, New Bridge School media specialist, for being honored with Ogden School District's September Achieving Higher Award! She demonstrates extraordinary skill in and dedication to building positive relationships that leave a lasting impact on student/colleague personal growth.

Read her full nomination(s) below:

“I would like to nominate an incredibly dedicated employee for the Achieving Higher Award.  In Ogden, we say that "moments matter." That is so very true, and especially for Jessica Smith, library clerk at New Bridge School. Jessica continually creates positive and memorable moments with groups of stakeholders and individual students and colleagues. In just the past few weeks I've witnessed her doing the following to create and strengthen meaningful relationships with so many: 
Listening to a teacher who had a difficult day and offering kind words of empathy, allowing the teacher to feel lifted and encouraged. Inviting a student to the library to complete a "special job" when a teacher needed a little break. Sitting with a student after the student struggled in her class and calmly reteaching expectations while expressing belief in the student's ability to be successful. Giving extra time so individual students have the chance to come spend time picking out that perfect book. Calmly listening to a parent's concern and offering suggestions for problem solving.
Posting bright pink notes around the school on doors and desks, simply thanking individuals. Spending her own time taking photographs of positive happenings in the school and sharing them. Spending her own time writing grants for innovative library experiences in an effort to impact student experiences at school. Arranging and planning and prepping for the most amazing literacy evening I've ever witnessed. This included getting the book, Nim's Island, for every student in the school in the spring, and encouraging families to read it together over the summer. The library and school foyers were then transformed into the Island, and families came to experience several "quests," including a live Skype interview with the author in Australia, meeting Nim and her pet lizard, Fred, taste-testing food Nim would have eaten, receiving basic first-aid training, learning to tie knots Nim would have tied, creating a map, witnessing a volcano, and meeting several animals brought by SeaQuest. Jessica's skills, creativity, and commitment to providing lasting and memorable experiences for our students and families is more than commendable, it's truly remarkable. She continually gives of herself to all she comes in contact with, including children, colleagues, and families.” _ Janice Bukey