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Congratulations Andee Felker for being honored with the Achieving Higher Award!

Congratulations to Andee Felker, Shadow Valley Elementary fourth grade teacher for being honored with Ogden School District's October Achieving Higher Award! She demonstrates extraordinary skill in utilizing data to plan effective learning and teaching lessons that create meaningful experiences.

Read her nominations below:

“Andee is a wiz with Google Sheets. She has been asked to nominate students for our schools STEM writing enrichment class and she used a rubric and spreadsheet data to defend and show which students earned that opportunity. Andee works hard to show what skills her students have mastered and communicated her data easily to the students and parents she works with so that they can better understand and create plans to improve. Even through Andee has her Ph.D. is is obviously over qualified for her job, she always says that there is more to learn. She is humble and collaborate well with others because she firmly believes everyone has something more to teach her and she has much more to learn.” -

Congratulations Codie Rodriguez for being honored with the Achieving Higher Award!

Congratulations to Codie Rodriguez, Odyssey Elementary behavior specialist, for being honored with Ogden School District's October Achieving Higher Award! She demonstrates extraordinary skill in utilizing data to plan effective learning and teaching lessons that create meaningful experiences.

Read her nominations below:

“In her role as a Behavior Interventionist, Codie effectively uses data to determine student behavioral needs, as well as how to best support students across the school setting. Whether she is meeting for a morning check-in with a student who needs extra support at the beginning of the day, facilitating a 3P (Preventative Problem Solving Plan) between a teacher and a student, working through a skill-building checklist with a student who has demonstrated behavioral challenges, or running a social skills group with a small group of students, every decision that Codie makes and every action that she takes is driven by data. In turn, she helps some of our most challenging students to find success in their academic, social, and behavioral pursuits. Codie also empowers those same students by helping them to understand and utilize their behavioral data to make decisions that will benefit them. She builds accountability and positive relationships into every interaction with the students on her caseload, as well as all the other students in the building, and it is amazing to watch her at work! Codie began working as a classroom staff assistant at Odyssey almost seven years ago. She demonstrated exceptional skill at building positive relationships and setting high expectations for students. When the Behavior Interventionist job became available, Codie was a natural fit. She has demonstrated amazing personal and professional growth in this position, and has become a leader in positive behavior management within our building. Our school is so fortunate to have Codie supporting our students and teachers as they work through the Tier 2/Tier 3 CHAT process.” 
- Sonja Davidson

“Codie works with some of our toughest behavior kids every day. Codie is responsible for taking data as well as analyzing that data to determine the best intervention for students in need. On a daily basis, she meets with every child on her case list a minimum of twice a day. She works with those students to set goals for themselves, discusses strategies they can use, and provides positive reinforcement through her system of "Codie Cash". When students meet their daily goals, they have earned a specific amount of "Codie Cash." When they exceed that goal, the amount of "cash" goes up, reinforcing that the better behavior is better all the way around. Again, this is all based on data collected on a daily basis. She then reviews the goals/data with the students one on one each day to hold them accountable, as well as to decide how best to plan for success the following day. Codie also checks in with the teachers of these kids daily to discuss ideas, problem solve, or simply give a kind or encouraging word. Additionally, Codie is an integral part of the ChAT team. Instead of being assigned a student after the meetings, she is involved in the whole process so she can begin collecting and assessing data before she ever meets with the student one on one. Codie works closely with our principal, IC, counselor, and assistant principal to review students on a weekly basis and decide the next best steps. After planning and starting work with a student, she follows up by coming into the classroom to observe the student and determine if the intervention is effective. Codie has also started a social skills group to help teach kids on the edge of Tier 2 social awareness. She uses data from Educator's Handbook to determine the students in need as well as what areas of social awareness need addressing. This helps those students avoid becoming a Tier 2 behavior challenge. All our kids needs are VERY different. She has to be on her toes at all times. It is a draining job to work with very challenging students who are often combative and will yell and insult when they feel like it. She lets it roll off her back and holds firm.” -

Congratulations Maridee Harrison for being honored with the Achieving Higher Award!

Congratulations to Maridee Harrison, Polk and Taylor Canyon Elementary principal, for being honored with Ogden School District's October Achieving Higher Award! She demonstrates extraordinary skill in utilizing data to plan effective learning and teaching lessons that create meaningful experiences.

Read her nominations below:

“If you look up the definition of “utilizing data to plan meaningful experiences” you would find a picture of Maridee Harrison. As a retired principal, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of disaggregating data but I have learned how to bring this to greater heights since working with Maridee. As a teacher working under her leadership for the past four years, I have found a great desire to drill down into the data to find out why something was working out for students, as well as trying to find out how to fix a problem when a student or students were not understanding. I never gave a CFA without drilling down not just to find out which students needed help, but which questions were particularly challenging. This helped me see what changes I needed to make as a teacher to help my students achieve. Every PLC with Maridee begins with a data discussion. This became such a habit, that last year my colleague and myself already had discussed and delved into the data as soon as it was available, rather than waiting for PLC meeting. Our students kept track of their own data through data binders which allowed them to take ownership of their own learning. Teachers held data meetings with each student monthly to set goals and track where they have been and where they were heading. The proof is in the pudding, as our sixth-grade SAGE scores were some of the highest in the state last year. Actually, Polk school as a whole scored extremely well according to SAGE measurements. As an administrator again, I am learning more from her about spreading this need for drilling down into the data to all students and staff. She reiterates the importance of students not only understanding their personal data, but learning how to use that understanding to grow and learn. Teachers new to her staff sometimes have a steep learning curve because it is expected that data will drive instruction. Maridee has worked the schedule so that both Taylor Canyon and Polk can meet together for PLC meetings so that teachers have a greater group with which to collaborate. Lest someone gets the wrong idea that academic data is the only thing that Maridee drives, one only has to look at the atmosphere of excitement along with learning that she tries to develop in her schools. She is aware of the data that supports the idea that students need to feel safe and valued at their schools. Student safety is her number one goal, but right after that is a sense of belonging and value. She has implemented programs such as our Super Power days at Polk where once a month, teachers taught a super lesson in various subject areas. Then there were STEM Fridays where each grade held a STEM activity once a month. This year at Taylor Canyon, she was able to get someone to donate pumpkins so that every student got a decorated pumpkin to take home. Students want to come to school to learn because she sets such a great environment for them to learn. Maridee does everything she can to make school a great place for both students and teachers. I admire the way she balances two schools and makes things work. When I grow up, if I ever do, I want to be like Maridee.” -  Cindy Cunningham

“Maridee LOVES data and she does her best to encourage others to love data as well. She spends time with grade level teams and with individual teachers to make sure they understand their data and are able to utilize them to make informed decisions for whole group, small group, and individual lesson planning. She is always encouraging staff to continually review date to stay informed with student/class/school progress. When it comes to data, Maridee has the memory of the proverbial elephant! She rarely forgets! She is aware of even the slightest changes and is quick to praise growth and/or offer suggestions on how to improve. Without Maridee's data push, Polk would not have the end-of-level results it has achieved! Maridee epitomizes the role of principal. She IS the principal teacher at her schools. She leads by example and hard, dedicated work. She cares about each individual, whether student, staff, parent, or community member.” - Earl Gardner 

“Maridee is more concerned about her data, and how that data ranks her against others, than anyone else I know. Maridee's daily action are driven by the desire to do better and make her school better. Schedules, procedures and activities are all thoughtfully planned with the end goal in mind. What is her end goal? Well she always wants to do better then she did the year before. How does she measure that? She uses the data she has available. The state of Utah gave school grades for several years and Polk received an A grade in 2016. It would seem that might be the top but Maridee had to do better so she got an A yet again in 2017 and made sure it was a higher score even. I truly have no doubts that if they were to receive a grade for 2018 it would also be an A. Maridee loses sleep over the scores before they are released and works tirelessly to improve what she can after they are public. Maridee is the principal at two school this year, she is willing to do whatever it takes to improve schools in this district. She is willing to work herself to death to better the teachers, students, and the rest of the support staff. She gives to everyone else and worries about everyone else with out thinking twice about herself.” - Mariah Denny

“Maridee demonstrates extraordinary skill, dedication and strength utilizing data to plan meaningful experiences by printing off data reports for each teacher and meeting with them individually to discuss their growth and/or challenges. Providing support and communication with our Instructional Coach. Maridee has scheduled for the teachers from Polk and Taylor Canyon to hold their PLC's together rotating locations. This is a great benefit to our teachers at Taylor Canyon and Polk because a few of our grades only have 1 or 2 general education teachers, so this opportunity allows them to collaborate and gain ideas from more examples. This has also been a great opportunity for team building relations between the 2 schools.  Maridee is an extraordinary example of the perfect team player. She has effectively taken the role as principal of 2 elementary schools (Polk and Taylor Canyon). Here at Taylor Canyon she has created a positive environment for all with a listening ear. She takes into consideration the faculty's opinions and respectfully implements whatever process is needed to not only run our school, but lead in a way that somehow makes us feel anything is possible! She has brought discipline to our school along with daily structure. She has reinforced the school wide rules; be respectful, be responsible, be safe. This year we have "Breakfast in the Classroom" which has been a great benefit to our students. Our student tardies have been more than cut in half and it has greatly minimized the amount of behavior issues that would arise before school. The student activities that she has approved, have our students looking forward to coming to school. Halloween Parade, costumes, Student of the Month lunch table and the 200 Club have all brought positive reinforcement. She was able to get over 350 pumpkins donated to our school, so each student was able to take one home. Maridee is not just a principal. She is a teacher, a custodian, a secretary, you name it. She will step in whenever needed and supports her faculty to the fullest. She is very motivated and one of the most outgoing people I've met and to think she does this for 2 schools. What an amazing woman!” - Lacey Nicholls

Congratulations Tonya Blackford for being honored with the Achieving Higher Award!

Congratulations to Tonya Blackford, James Madison Elementary instructional coach, for being honored with Ogden School District's October Achieving Higher Award! She demonstrates extraordinary skill in utilizing data to plan effective learning and teaching lessons that create meaningful experiences.

Read her nominations below:

"Tonya is always suggesting changes that are informed by data and that are impactful school-wide. PLCs are also impacted by Tonya's data-driven insights. She asks the correct questions during teacher-planning and makes sure teachers instructional practices are based on what the data tells what the students need. Tonya is dedicated to our school and to her role as an instructional leader. I enjoy working with her and I highly recommend Tonya to be a recipient for the Achieving Higher Award.” - Laura Coria

“Tonya is incredible! She is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever seen, always making sure to give 100%. She is able to divide her time between 6 new teachers to JMES, provide ongoing coaching to experienced teachers and also provide great advise to myself. As a new administrator to OSD there is a lot of "the Ogden way" procedures and information that I am not familiar with. It has been fantastic to have Tonya as a colleague, instructional coach, and friend at JMES. Tonya has been working for OSD for so many year. She is always seeking to learn new things and improve her skills as a educator. She is definitely a great example of a life long learner!” - Julie Neilson

“Tonya is amazing. She always uses data to drive instruction in helping us succeed. She also will show us how to use data to drive our instruction and especially how to use data to help with interventions or with students who are struggling. She then provides material to us to target that specific area we were able to find through our data. She is always willing to help us take the next step! She is extremely dedicated to help our school succeed!” -

Congratulations Kay Moulding for being honored with the October Achieving Higher Award!

Congratulations to Kay Moulding, Mount Ogden Junior High Math teacher, for being honored with Ogden School District's October Achieving Higher Award! She demonstrates extraordinary skill in utilizing data to plan effective learning and teaching lessons that create meaningful experiences.

Read her nominations below:

“Kaye is a master teacher. She has the talent, skill, heart, and dedication to reach students of all skill levels, situations, and dispositions. She teaches honors 9th graders, struggling students who need extra support, and everyone in between. She is a mentor teacher and a master collaborator in her Secondary I Math PLC, where she and her team use backward design and are adept at using data to make decisions regarding planning and reteaching. In her classroom, she is collecting data from moment to moment as she scaffolds instruction then checks for understanding. She often receives visitors in her classroom, who are there to observe how she structures her class routines and procedures in order to create the best environment possible for learning, and how she engages students for every minute of a 70 minute class. Not only is she an exceptional teacher, Kaye is also an exceptional colleague, teacher leader, employee, and human being. Kaye is at the ready to help with anything in the school, often volunteering to sit on committees, help at athletic events, or really anything we need in the building. She is always positive, coachable, enthusiastic about her own learning, and so supportive of her coworkers. Watching Kaye, I believe that Achieving Higher is her personal motto, both as an expectation for herself, and for her students. Mount Ogden Junior High is fortunate to have such a teacher here, and I am a better educator for working with her.” - Cynthia Smith, Principal

“I can't think of a time in the school day that Kaye isn't using data (possibly during her lunch). Kaye was one of our first teachers to truly embrace standards based grading and uses the data from her assessments to drive every moment of instruction. Kaye has a clipboard with her seating chart on it and she is constantly marking student performance on the seating chart. This data drives her instruction from minute to minute. If she sees a common trend with her marks she will immediately change what she is doing to meet the classes needs. Kaye also looks at individual student data that she tracks and will pull small groups based on student need. Most evenings you will see the last car in our parking lot is Kaye's. She is here until at least 5 PM on most nights and as late as 7 PM. She is here because ever ounce of data matters to her and she is planning lessons to help all students achieve. You can see the success from her planning and data analysis when you look at the number of her 9th graders that are passing her Secondary I class (which is very rigorous) and by looking at the students SAGE growth each year. Last year Kaye had 91% of her students make gains on their SAGE score from the previous year. I can't think of a teacher who is more deserving of the Achieving Higher Award than Kaye Moulding. Her commitment to the students of Ogden for the last 20+ years is truly remarkable. She has made a lasting impression on Mount Ogden students, who many that have graduated from high school still come to Mount Ogden to visit her and some even to ask her for help with their math. Kaye has also taught some study skills class at Mount Ogden and has worked to ensure we are improving our graduation rate. She is amazing and deserves to be recognized for her efforts.” - Betsy Galbraith

“Kaye is exemplary in truly understanding where her students are by utilizing data. One thing that Kay has done that's impressed me is that she wants to know exactly what her students need to understand to move from where they are at to where they need to be. She gave her students a pre-test and went through it to see what exactly the students needed in order to be successful this year. Not only that but she is so aware of her students by using CFAs. She not only knows what standards the students struggle with, but what about them they struggle with. She uses this to see if her students are ready to move on and what skills they hadn't yet mastered. Finally she even uses data daily. She will often do an exit ticket or use bell work to determine where her students are at. She then uses this data to plan small group intervention and help her students with the exact area they are struggling. It truly is amazing!!” -