In 2016 Ogden School District undertook a laser-like focus on students and their needs. A Strategic Framework was created that set the strategic trajectory for success. This framework, known as Project NEXUS, was built on two strategic goals:
Improving Literacy Performance and Increasing Graduation Rates.

Project NEXUS continues to improve and evolve to ensure bold actions to further the academic successes and overall well-being of every student in Ogden School District. That evolution has led to NEXUS Elevated, which is based upon three anchors of work. The Academic Anchor, Social-Emotional Anchor and Talent Development Anchor serve as the foundation for Ogden School District's continued pursuit of empowering excellence through education. NEXUS Elevated will also provide a clear framework to ensure resources are aligned with a results oriented focus.
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Goals, Literacy & Graduation, supported by 3 anchors, Academic Excellence, Social Emotional Learning & Talent Development


NEXUS Elevated Anchors

Nexus Academic Excellence

Academic Anchor Indicators of Progress

Priority 1: K-12 Literacy Performance

Priority 2: K-12 Mathematics Performance

Priority 3: Personalized Learning Pathways

Nexus Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning Anchor Indicators of Progress

Priority 1: Behavior Systems Implementation

Priority 2: Sense of Belonging

Priority 3: Attendance

Nexus Talent Development

Talent Development Anchor Indicators of Progress

Priority 1: Retain Highly Effective Employees

Priority 2: Recruit Qualified and Highly Effective Educators

Priority 3: Talent Development


NEXUS Elevated by Role



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Continuous Improvement System:  Ogden School District will use its CIS evaluation system, which is designed to improve student achievement, enhance professional practice and effectiveness, provide opportunities for professional growth and development, recognize highly effective educators, and guide necessary personnel decisions.

NEXUS Elevated aims to improve the collective capacity of employees and partners so that each individual, department and partnership contributes individually and in concert toward continuous improvement. NEXUS Elevated 2022 establishes short- and long-term plans for professional learning and implementation of learning. It guides the District in coordinating learning experiences designed to achieve outcomes for educators and students. It is a set of purposeful, planned actions and support systems necessary to achieve Ogden School District's strategic goals.

From vision to goal setting through lesson design, practice, coaching & feedback through developing next steps



Student Graduation Cap


Being in school consistently is important to ensuring children gain a strong foundation for subsequent learning. Achievement, especially in mathematics, is very sensitive to attendance, and absence of even two weeks during one school year matters. Attendance also strongly affects standardized test scores and graduation and dropout rates. Chronic absenteeism (missing more than 10% of the school year) is most prevalent among low-income students. Poor attendance in kindergarten is associated with lower academic performance in first grade. There is a strong relationship between sixth-grade attendance and the percentage of students graduating on time. Lastly, poor attendance increases the achievement gaps at the elementary, middle and high school levels. (Balfanz & Byrnes, 2012)

Objective 1: 100% of teachers take attendance daily for every class period.
Objective 2: Increase the number of students with 95% attendance or higher (regular attenders) from 46% to 61% by 2022.
Objective 3:  All schools will take the  Tiered Attendance Checklist—to measure levels of attendance systems implementation—and show  5%  improvement yearly or have 90% or better by 2022.

Community Partners

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We partner with business, community, and parent organizations in furthering and advancing the mission of the district. We promise student participation through community service learning. We value, encourage, and expect family involvement in our schools. We seek to provide clear, accurate and effective communication to all stakeholders. We call for respect from all individuals for our students, our employees, our learning environment, and our diverse community.