In 2016 Ogden School District undertook a laser-like focus on students and their needs. A Strategic Framework was created that set the strategic trajectory for success. This framework, known as Project NEXUS, was built on two strategic goals:
Improving Literacy Performance and Increasing Graduation Rates.

Project NEXUS continues to improve and evolve to ensure bold actions to further the academic successes and overall well-being of every student in Ogden School District. That evolution has led to NEXUS Elevated, which is based upon three anchors of work. The Academic Anchor, Social-Emotional Anchor and Talent Development Anchor serve as the foundation for Ogden School District's continued pursuit of empowering excellence through education. NEXUS Elevated will also provide a clear framework to ensure resources are aligned with a results oriented focus.
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Goals, Literacy & Graduation, supported by 3 anchors, Academic Excellence, Social Emotional Learning & Talent Development


NEXUS Elevated Anchors

Nexus Academic Excellence

Academic Anchor Indicators of Progress

Priority 1: K-12 Literacy Performance

Priority 2: K-12 Mathematics Performance

Priority 3: Personalized Learning Pathways

Nexus Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning Anchor Indicators of Progress

Priority 1: Behavior Systems Implementation

Priority 2: Sense of Belonging

Priority 3: Attendance

Nexus Talent Development

Talent Development Anchor Indicators of Progress

Priority 1: Retain Highly Effective Employees

Priority 2: Recruit Qualified and Highly Effective Educators

Priority 3: Talent Development


NEXUS Elevated by Role


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Student Graduation Cap


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