Best High schools in Weber County, Utah

Best High schools in Weber County, Utah


What are the best high schools in Ogden, Utah? Learn how they’re ranked, who made the cut, and why they’re great for your kid.


Best High Schools in Weber County, Utah

The best high schools in Ogden have aspects that make them stand out from other Utah high schools. First, they have options available to students under the care and guidance of dedicated teachers.

The search for which high school in Ogden is best almost always ends immediately in a ranking list, but it’s better to give a deeper look into what makes the high school in our area worth their recognition. So here is what we look for in good Utah high schools and what the best ones in Ogden have to offer students.


What does it take to be one of the best high schools in Weber County, Utah?

A student who graduates from a Utah high school must earn 24 credits. They also should take the Utah Aspire Plus test, a combination of the ACT Aspire and the state’s Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence. A student’s English, math, and science knowledge is determined on the Utah Aspire Plus test.

It goes beyond test scores. The best schools are run by teachers who care about educating the kids and doing it wonderfully. They show a level of care in their curriculum that reflects on their students. A high school that is open to ideas and differences, especially between students' cultures, is an essential factor for great high schools.

A slight setback from the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic made it hard to gather data to rank the most recent high school data properly. To compensate for this setback, they used assessment data from the last three years before the pandemic combined with graduation rates and college readiness from 2019-2020.


Ogden High School

Ogden High School has a solid 100-year tradition of students performing exceptionally in academics, activities, and the community. They provide a safe, supportive learning environment to help students graduate, regardless of their background. It is also the home to the International Baccalaureate program for high schools in Ogden, which empowers students to learn and develop skills that ready them to make a difference in a constantly changing world.

The staff is dedicated to motivating and challenging their students in the classroom and the many clubs, activities, and athletics throughout the school. One fantastic example of this is the recent success of the Ogden High School bands. From Marching Band to Jazz Band, these programs have become a perennial power by winning multiple region and state competitions.

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Ben Lomond High School

This high school in Ogden offers the whole experience of all the opportunities we provide to students. This includes over 200 courses with 22 career and technical education pathways and college enrollment. In addition, they have a student body from different walks of life and experience levels. These facets of student life push students to participate in the many activities at the school.

Their sports and extracurricular activities have improved over the years, thanks to the effort of their teachers and staff. And Ben Lomond is now home to one of the best multi-purpose athletics facilities in the state. It can’t help but create a strong sense of school pride throughout Ben Lomond. They hope that their growth in academics, citizenship, and extracurricular activities will prepare them for college and a future career when they graduate.

George Washington High School

George Washington High School provides learning opportunities for all kinds to students every day. The teachers and staff create a bond with students and their families so that students become strong learners with the knowledge to deal with any of life’s challenges.  

The school culture at George Washington High pushes students to live their lives in a way where they know their goals and have confidence that they can overcome challenges. This school features uniquely small class sizes combined with an accelerated academic schedule to help give students the individualized support they need.

Which of the best high schools in Weber County do you recommend?

In the end, the best high schools in Ogden have a culture for students that are different and do more than just scratch the surface of academics. Teachers who are incredibly involved with them ensure they succeed in their activities and classes. These schools provide that their students are eager to learn every day.

Whether it’s math performance, college readiness, cultural background, or any other determining factor, you can find excellent examples of student success at schools in the Ogden School District. Find out more about how our high schools can give your child not just a set path towards college or a career but a true passion for life.