Guide to Choosing a School in Ogden

Guide to Choosing a School in Ogden

Ogden School District provides parents with information about their elementary schools in Ogden, Utah and their programs.


Guide to Choosing a School in Ogden

Choosing a school in Ogden doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you have recently moved to the city and need a good school to transfer to, or you are a more established resident ready to send your child to kindergarten, Ogden School District has many schools to choose from for your child’s education needs. 


To start, we strongly recommend choosing the school closest to your primary residence. This allows you as a parent a greater likelihood of being involved with your child’s academic journey. 

If you are unsure which school is assigned to your area, we recommend reviewing this map of school boundaries.

While attending the closest school to your home may be easiest, parents are welcome to explore all schools in Ogden School District through boundary exceptions.

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Elementary Schools in Ogden

If you have a child starting kindergarten or a transfer in 1st through 6th grade, here is a list of all of the elementary schools in Ogden for you to consider.

Bonneville Elementary

Through the leadership of Principal Nicole Lovell, the faculty and staff of Bonneville Elementary hold high expectations of themselves, their students, and the community they serve. 

East Ridge Elementary

Principal Maridee Harrison has worked to cultivate an inclusive environment through the Spanish dual-language immersion program offered at the school.

Heritage Elementary

Their mission is realized daily under Principal Jim Mieure and his push to continually improve literacy instruction.

Hillcrest Elementary

Under the direction of new Principal Wendi Malan, Hillcrest continues to strive for high-quality and data-driven instruction that results in student performance that exceeds the nearest charter school. 

Lincoln Elementary

New principal Terry Humpreys willlead the charge in fulfilling their mission of elevating students to build a community that gives them a pathway to becoming successful socially, emotionally, and academically by encouraging a growth mindset to support their learning processes.

James Madison Elementary

Principal Julie Neilson realizes the mission to do their best and be their best every day through her efforts to increase reading fluency, increase Language Arts and Math mastery, and improve the social and emotional learning of the students attending James Madison Elementary.

Liberty Elementary (formerly T.O. Smith Elementary)

In 2022, principal Keeli Espinoza leads the implementation of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program at the brand new Liberty Elementary School. Ogden School District is the first public system in Utah to offer students a K-12 option for IB programs. Liberty will also be the new home of the Advanced Learning Academy elementary program in Ogden School District.

New Bridge Elementary

Led by new rincipal Jenny DeCorso, New Bridge is the school in Ogden for STEM learning as Weber County’s first Platinum STEM Elementary School. This program offers students hands-on learning that empowers critical thinking while solving real-world challenges. 

Odyssey Elementary

Dr. Dana Nolan leads as principal by overseeing their Space Science Program. This program offers students access to Astro Camp Utah. This offers a one-of-a-kind experience to simulate working for NASA. 

Polk Elementary

Principal Don Mendenhall continues Polk’s long tradition of academic excellence. Polk earned an “A” grade from the state’s school assessment ratings.. 

Shadow Valley Elementary

Principal Vincent Ardizzone oversees another school in Ogden that offers a Platinum STEM Program emphasizing Environmental Science Shadow Valley is a recipient of the NationalGreen School Award. The program provides students the opportunity to engage scientific themes with an environmental emphasis. 

Wasatch Elementary

As principal of Wasatch Elementary, Shannon Wilcox leads students, staff, and faculty to daily achieve their mission to engage, achieve, grow, and belong.

Schools in Ogden are led by fantastic administrators and teachers who ensure the best possible educational experience for your child. We encourage you to review the schools close to your home and see what will be the best academic fitfor your child. 

The programs offered at East Ridge, New Bridge, Odyssey and Shadow Valley are specifically designed for unique learning experiences. All of these programs support students in developing interests in science, technology, engineering and math and preparing them for careers in STEM related fields. 

Schools that offer the International Baccalaureate program, Like Ogden’s Liberty Elementary, provide students the opportunity to receive an education that evolves with a growing and more connected global community. 

When it comes to Ogden schools, these elementary schools provide your child with the best opportunities to succeed in their current grade. The programs set up students for success in junior high and high school and propel them to achievement in college and their eventual professional careers. 

For more information about elementary and secondary schools in Ogden, click here and register your child today!