How to Find the Best Local Elementary School

How to Find the Best Local Elementary School

Choosing the right elementary school can be difficult. Ogden School District provides tips on choosing the right school for your child.

How to Find the Best Local Elementary School

When it comes to your child’s educational needs, it helps to know what would be the best elementary school to choose. Admittedly, this can be a stressful and emotional time for a parent as this is a clear indication that your child is growing up, and you want to propel them to a successful future.

But the question remains: Which elementary school will be the best for my child? 

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right elementary school.

Understand Your Child

When it comes to your child’s educational needs, it helps to know their personality. More accurately, their educational strengths and weaknesses. This is a good indicator of what kind of student they will be once placed in a classroom environment. 

Do they need an extra challenge outside of the standard curriculum? Consider dual-language immersion or International Baccalaureate.

Do they have a creative spirit that you want to foster? Consider an elementary school with an arts or music program. 

There are plenty of elementary schools in Ogden to choose from that can fit your child’s needs, whether they need something more structured, need individual attention, like seeing how things work, or even learning through physical activity. 

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Research Early

When you begin looking into the different elementary schools that best fit your child’s needs, it helps to look into what schools offer at least a year before your student begins kindergarten. 

What to Research

Here are a few things to consider when looking into the different options of elementary schools for your child.

  • Location - Typically, the closer you live to your child’s school, the easier to participate fully and be as involved as possible in your child’s education. If the school closest to you doesn’t fit your standards, then look at the next closest option. 

  • Curriculum - What kind of program does this particular school focus on? These programs are there to help your child through their particular learning style. This would also include programs that are geared toward gifted students, such as STEM classes, etc.

  • Educational Approach - This deals with how the teachers typically lead their class and how they implement the curriculum. This is also an indicator of how your child and their teacher will interact with each other. Since they will be spending a considerable amount of time together during the day, knowing that they are a good fit will provide your child the best possible educational outcome throughout the school year.

  • Academic Performance - How well have children tested due to going to this particular elementary school? Are test scores trending up or down? Are the students who move from one grade to the next performing better or worse than students at other schools in the area? What kind of recognition has that school received and when?

  • Behavior Policy - Children are going to make mistakes. However, knowing the policies of how good behavior is rewarded and how to discipline and support when a child misbehaves is an important factor in understanding how the school operates. However, this would also include their policy on absences and how much daily attendance is encouraged. 

  • Safety - As a parent, you want to know that your child will be safe at all times, whether they go to school for four or six hours. How is bullying handled? What is the plan for an emergency, whether it is a natural disaster or a situation where the police are required? What kind of emergency drills are performed, and how often do they occur? What is the school’s policy about when an actual emergency takes place?

  • Facility - What kind of resources are there on campus? What is their library like? If they have access to computers, do those computers have access to the internet and is it monitored? What about before and after-school options? 

  • Registration - What kind of application and registration process is there? Is there something more required for an additional program, such as dual-language immersion, advanced learning academy or International Baccalaureate programs?

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The Right Elementary School For Your Child

Once you have done all the research you need for your child’s elementary school needs, you can set your child on the right path.

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Ogden School District offers various programs that feed your child’s passions and personality, from our schools that offer dual language immersion to our Advanced Learning and International Baccalaureate programs. Check out our full program list here and choose the right program and school for your child today.