Ogden School District Career Pathways and No Cost or Low Cost College Credit

Ogden School District Career Pathways and No Cost or Low Cost College Credit

Ogden School District provides many programs for high school students to succeed after graduation.

Ogden School District Career Pathways and No Cost or Low Cost College Credit

Ogden School District prides itself on its dedication to its students. A large part of that dedication is preparing high school students for their life and goals after graduation.

Whether a student’s path takes them to a university or a technical college, Ogden School District has the resources to help them succeed. 

What programs are offered to high school students? Here is a brief overview of what is available. 

Advanced Placement

Ogden School District’s Advanced Placement Program offers college-level classes to current high school students. 

This program, created by a panel of experts and college-level educators that make up the College Board, offers curricula for various subjects. 

Upon successful completion of these courses, colleges and universities in the United States may grant placement and course credit to students who obtain qualifying scores during their exams.

For a high school course to have received the designation of Advanced Placement Course, the College Board must audit the course to ensure that it meets strict standards. Once that course is approved, AP designation is approved for the school, and the course can then be found on the public AP Course Ledger. 

Throughout the last several years, Ogden School District has increased enrollment in AP classes, earning the district the designation of AP Honor Roll, something that only four other districts in Utah have achieved. 

Concurrent Enrollment

On top of offering the AP Program, Ogden School District offers low-cost classes that provide college credit for students while also serving as required credits for their high school graduation.

These classes are offered at a significantly discounted rate, particularly when compared to tuition rates for traditional enrollment in a college or university. 

Members certified by Weber State and Utah State Universities as adjunct faculty teach these classes, providing easily transferable credits to the university of their choice upon graduation. 

Through this program, students pay $5 per credit and can take up to thirty credits per school year. 

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Career & Technical Education

If college or university is not the primary interest for a student, Ogden School District offers a technical program called the High School to College and Career Pathways Initiative. 

Through this initiative, the district has partnered with local colleges, universities, businesses, and industries to identify and balance education and workforce needs. 

This initiative provides pathways for students based on their particular goals. With these programs, students are provided with the training they need for their particular career goals.

The milestones offered by these courses can include a certification that takes one year to complete, an Associate or Technical degree requiring two years of course work, or a four-year Bachelor’s degree. 

High school students within Ogden School District can choose from the following programs to assist with their career goals:

  • Food Science, Dietetics & Nutrition

  • Architecture

  • Interior Design

  • Broadcasting & Digital Media

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Business Administration

  • Business Information Management

  • Marketing

  • Software Development & Programming

  • Web Development

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Engineering

  • Mechanical Design

  • Health Science

  • Culinary Arts

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Personal Care Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Welding

  • Auto Mechanics

  • Cybersecurity

These programs cater to students’ interests and prepare them for the best possible future within their field. 

The skills students acquire through these courses provide an easier path to getting a well-paying job when they graduate high school. They can also provide an opportunity to obtain more education through a college or university to obtain an even higher-paying job upon completion of their bachelor’s degree. 

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Your School District of Choice

With the number of options available for students’ success, Ogden School District prides itself on the progress that has been made and on its ability to serve each of the students within the city of Ogden itself. 

Through concurrent enrollment, career and technical education initiatives, and Advanced Placement courses, Ogden School District provides high-level courses that challenge students intellectually while providing an enjoyable course load that propels them to financial success and leadership opportunities.

The goal of Ogden School District is to continue to pursue excellence with their students, providing a clear path to their future beyond high school, whether it is through further education or technical training.

If you wish to learn more about the programs we offer and additional details related to curriculum and course work, visit us here and enroll today.