Ogden School District Summer Program 2022

Ogden School District Summer Program 2022


Ogden School District provides your child with various summer programs after the last bell rings. Find out which one is the best one that fits them. 


Ogden School District Summer Program 2022

School is over, but your child can gain a lot from the summer programs in Ogden that will boost their interests and skills during the season – and beyond. Ogden School District has a wide variety of unique programs that will benefit their academic careers.

Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge program connects Ogden students between years with academic support that will get them ready for the upcoming school year. There are two specific programs available.

Ogden School District Targeted Learning

Ogden students have a wide variety of courses available for the summer. Math, ELA, and science classes are emphasized. Secondary students can recover missing credits to stay on the path to graduation.

Free Professional Tutoring

In the summer, Ogden School District continues to offer free tutoring to all students who were in grades 5 to 12 during the previous school year. We want to ensure our students can access help with their homework, study support, and writing feedback. The best part is that they’ll have this help wherever they need it, in a setting that focuses on their individual needs.

The tutoring is available to OSD students at any time, 24/7, through PAPER, an education support system that provides assistance from a team of qualified tutors. They cover more than 200 academic topics, and students can connect with them on a one-to-one level. Tutors can be contacted via on-demand live chat and work across four languages. Get started here! https://www.ogdensd.org/learning/247-tutoring

Summer Enrichment Camps 

The summer enrichment camps are different from the academic summer programs. The enrichment camps, focus on building students’ creativity, confidence, and cooperative skills. See the full list of camps at https://summer.ogdensd.org.

Advanced Theatre Program

Students are preforming “Twelve Dancing Princesses” as part of the Advanced Theater Program. The six-week program is a hands-on experience where children are filled with inspiration and education. They are taught basic theater and improv games first, then start making a full play. Students can choose from many fun roles according to different levels of experience.

Students will perform the play in full makeup, costume, lights, and all on July 14, 15, and 16 (with two shows on the 16th).

Band FUNdamentals

Ogden High School is home to the Band FUNdamentals Camp, where you learn various styles of music. Students who join the camp also learn the basics of marching and ensemble playing. They train and prepare for their traditional practice parade around the neighborhood at the end of the camp.

Beginning Pottery Wheel Camp

Ben Lomond High School offers a creative, hands-on summer activity to students who want to explore the possibilities pottery has to offer them. They will learn how to create a cup, mug, spoon rest, and bowl. This also includes trimming and decorating done by each student. It takes place in mid-July and is available to grades 10-11.

Caricature Art

Improve your drawing skills as you delight yourself in the art of drawing cartoons and caricatures. Our instructors run step-by-step exercises and follow-along assignments students can complete in a very short period of time. Students will not only have fun but be able to share their work with the community in art festivals for the season. This Ogden summer program takes place at Ben Lomond High School and is available to any student from grades 10-12, with no art experience required to join.

Visual Arts Camp

Our summer art camp at Mount Ogden Junior High is an excellent way to get your children a spark of creativity and push their self-expression forward. This two-week summer program has Ogden kids learning different art mediums. Your artistic child will sharpen the skills needed to make their works appear bolder, more vibrant, and more expressive. With enough experience, their work could be displayed to the Ogden community. It is available to students from grades 5-8 from July 12 to July 21.

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Summer Food Service Program

There is a free summer food program from the Ogden School District Child Nutrition Services for all children 18 years and younger. Breakfast and lunch are served at different schools throughout our district. Some city parks also offer lunch to children as well. They are nutritious and balanced meals that are great for families with children who depend on school lunch throughout the school year. The program runs from June 6 to July 29, with no meals served on July 4 and 25.

Come and learn under the summer sun!

Participating in genuine and lively activities from these summer programs in Odgen is important to students. They open opportunities for new interests or help advance your child’s skills on an important topic for the upcoming year.

Click here for more information on our programs and where you can find these programs and camps in the Ogden area.