Why a Fully Accredited School System Is Important

Why a Fully Accredited School System Is Important


Ogden School District is a fully accredited public school in Utah. Independent, third-party accreditation positively affects school performance and students' futures.

Why a Fully Accredited School System Is Important

An award for accreditation for a school district is a way to show that our students are enjoying the benefits of an appropriate level of education. It is considered one of the best ways to ensure students will move ahead in the future, both in post-secondary and employment opportunities. Ogden School District has received its accreditation, helping our drive to improve student performance and continuous education.

Ogden School District prides itself on being one of the handful of school systems in Utah to receive full accreditation from elementary to high school. Every Ogden school received accreditation through a rigorous process requiring precise standards.

What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a certification process for individual schools or entire school districts that show they have achieved a minimum quality of education. There are different levels and standards for accreditation, such as provisional accreditation for lower-performing schools or regional accreditation for review covering specific areas of the country.

Most school districts have their secondary schools go through one accreditation process. For the entire system to receive that accreditation, the review must assess elementary schools and the programs included. It guarantees that the schools teach their students at an acceptable level across the board.

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Different Kinds and Processes for Accreditation

Every accreditation looks for different things in school systems. Some look for common goals such as class size and test performance. Other forms of accreditation evaluate curriculum, administration, student performance, and working facilities.

There are many types of accreditations available to public schools. The most common are run by the Utah State Education Department, while regional accreditation organizations accomplish other types. Independent organizations assess schools at the same quality of rigor, if not better, than state and regional organizations. In Ogden School District's case, they received an assessment from an independent organization.

How Did Odgen School District’s Process Work?

Ogden School District has been reviewed through Cognia, a global nonprofit accreditation network recognized worldwide. They closely review services done by teachers, staff, and programs and have identified schools that are the best examples of educational excellence. The Cognia standards provide a guideline for achievements that will help develop learners, teachers, leaders, and organizations.

We have hosted Cognia's team, who reviews each school and the district office regarding the shared goals and accreditation standards. Under Cognia's review, Ogden School District not only passed but exceeded the scores of many school systems!

The Influence Accreditation Has On Education

The importance of accreditation is how it affects your students' future once they graduate. The student's best opportunity to get into a public college or university is if they have an accredited high school diploma. They are becoming more critical of the minimal educational requirement for jobs or higher education. It is their way of knowing a student or prospective employee has been taught in a school with good quality of education. Accreditation also provides benefits such as:

  • Easier access to scholarships, federal loans, and military programs

  • The ability to transfer credits from one school to another with no issue, especially if your child is entering public high school

  • The added boost of our schools' commitment to developing the foundation for student performance in the future

Accreditation also helps Ogden School District increase their growing efforts in their educational programs. School systems that are fully accredited can gain these benefits:

  • Meet NCAA requirements for prospective student athlete

  • Meet the needs of many private foundations

  • Become part of a system that is frequently updating and improving

  • Receive recognition for the education and programs that are performing well and observations on areas of improvement

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Ogden School District’s Lessons from Accreditation

The teachers and staff at Ogden School District understand that receiving accreditation brings high expectations. It helps set up standards for their work according to the high quality of the accreditation process. They can monitor their progress, evaluate results and make adjustments to continue improving instruction.

The insights and attitudes received from the reviews taken from accreditation enhance districtwide ideas. It is a clear sign that the district is on the right path to creating an environment that turns our students into lifelong learners. Accreditation is a mark that shows they are being empowered through an education that fits a positive vision and mission for students to achieve college and career readiness in a safe and supportive environment.  

Click here to learn more about Ogden School District's accreditation process. In addition, you can read the full summary of Cognia's comprehensive review of our systems. We are committed to maintaining the standards we have achieved every day, and we would love to provide that for your child on their path to better education.