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What is Canvas?

Canvas is a Learning Management System that will help your child interact with their schoolwork, manage their assignments, submit homework, and keep track of due dates. Canvas is also perfect for providing you, the parents and guardians, a window into your child’s learning like never before. With Canvas, you will be able to see the details behind your student’s online assignments. This added information will help you guide your child and improve the quality of your communication surrounding school work. Canvas is not a replacement for Aspire SIS. Aspire is still the official source for grades in the Ogden School District.

In the Ogden School District, all high school and junior high teachers have the opportunity to use Canvas with their classes. If your child’s teacher is choosing to use Canvas, you can use this guide to help you sign up as a parent.

This parent role is called an “observer” in Canvas. Observers can see all published course information, pages, assignments, and grades but can not submit work or interact with the course.


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How to Sign Up for Canvas (Video)


How to Sign Up for Canvas

To sign up as an observer (parent), please follow these steps. This is best to do with your child present.

1. From the OSD Canvas login page (ogdensd.instructure.com), click the link for Parent Sign In/Sign Up.
Parent Sign In
2. Click the link to get an observer account.
Parent Account


3. In the spaces provided, fill in your 
  • Name (Please use your full name to help your child’s teacher identify you as an observer)
  • Email
  • A password you will remember
  • Child’s pairing code (Your child will need to be present with you to generate a pairing code from their account. Your child's teacher or principal can also generate a code.)


4. Agree to the terms of use by clicking the You agree to the terms of use checkbox and click Start Participating
5. Adjust your notification settings based on your preferences


Now that you are signed in, have your child give you a quick tour or check out our OSD Canvas parent resources.