Capital Facilities Considerations

The Ogden School District Board of Education is currently considering the short-term and long-term plan for our school facilities. The District emphasizes the fact that no decisions have been made and no schools are slated for closure or consolidation. The safety and education of our students and responsibility to our taxpayers are guiding principles. Our district has significant, undeniable physical needs in our school buildings. The Board has taken into consideration those physical needs along with fiscal constraints and feedback from our community. The Board continues to desire input from the community.

To view details of the scenarios and considerations and financial updates discussed up to this point, please click the links below:
Capital Facility Finance Plan Update
Finance Model, 2.5% Growth (0.0016), 55MM, 02.15.18.pdf
Finance Model, 2.5% Growth (0.0018), 75MM, 02.15.18.pdf
Facility Options 2_14_18.pdf
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