Board of Education

Code of Conduct

As members of the Ogden School District Board of Education we will display:


• Represent all constituents honestly and equally • Do not surrender to special interest or partisan political groups • Avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety • Refuse to use board membership for personal gain or publicity • Do not take private action that might compromise the board or administration • Respect the confidentiality of privilege information


• Recognize that decisions can only be by a majority vote at a sanctioned board meeting • Represent the district and board with dignity and integrity • Support board decisions, even if personal opinion may differ • Support community values • Value and support the role of the superintendent and administration • Remember that our students are the most important matter


• Encourage free expression of opinion of fellow board members • Honor the expressions of individuals or groups seeking a hearing before the board • Express gratitude and appreciation to all district employees and community members • Remember the effect the board has on the morale of all district personnel • Ensure your electronic device (cell phone) is either turned off or set on silent/vibrate during all meetings as a courtesy to others in the meeting. If you do need to take a call please quickly step out of the room.


• Be prepared, be on time, attentive and engaged in all board meetings • Become knowledgeable about educational issues on all levels – local, state and national • Loyal to the policies, programs and procedures of the district • Be responsive to patron and employee communications