Ogden School District

Board of Education Policy Manual

Policies and Procedures

Policies serve as the governing tenets of the school district. District policies are most often created for three main reasons:
1. In response to state or federal laws,
2. In light of legal precedents established by court decisions, and
3. As a means of defining best practices that relate to issues of local concern.

The Parts of a Policy


A Policy is the Board’s statement of belief, conviction, and expectation of a given issue as it relates to school district governance. A policy will most often be a relatively brief, clear statement about the Board’s position on an issue. It may also direct the development of “procedures.” The board approves all policies and significant revisions.


A Procedure may be developed as an extension of a policy. While not all policies will have procedures, many do. The procedure is essentially an outline of the main implementation points related to the policy. Procedures are developed by administration and approved by District Cabinet, with the board being made aware of procedure creation.


A Form will be found occasionally throughout the online Policy Manual. Forms are related to a given policy as something that may require an application process, authorization, and/or documentation. As with procedures, Forms are developed by administrators and approved by District Cabinet.

1. Board of Education

This series contains policies related to the structure of the school board, compensation, electronic meetings, and public participation in meetings.

2. Administration

This series contains policies related to district and school administration and management.

3. Fiscal Management

This series contains policies and regulations for the management of money: revenues, expenditures, budget development, record-keeping, fundraising, etc.

4. Risk Management and Workplace Safety

This series contains policies and regulations related to school safety and emergency planning, activities on school property, and video surveillance.

5. Support Services

This series addresses the non-instructional services necessary for the maintenance and operation of the District, such as transportation and food services. Buildings and Grounds management and purchasing are also found in this series.

6. Facilities

This series addresses facilities planning and construction, and rental of school facilities. Energy management and pest management are also found in this series.

7. Human Resources

This series contains all the familiar topics of personnel, recruitment and selection, contracts, employee rights and responsibilities, and salary and benefits, except as otherwise covered through collective bargaining agreements.

8. Instruction/Curriculum

This series contains policies related to all aspects of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. Included are the graduation requirements, curricular matters, instructional arrangements to assist teacher in teaching and students with learning, as well as provisions for individual differences and exceptions children.

9. Students

This series focuses upon the Student, not the educational process. Students must be admitted, data about the student, their parent(s) or guardian(s) and the student's place of residence recorded; a place in a school assigned, and so on. This series also addresses student fees, student rights and responsibilities, and student safety and health.
9.1 Student Attendance and Enrollment

9.100 School Year

9.101 Compulsory Attendance Ages

9.102 Compulsory Attendance, Absences, Tardiness, and Truancies

9.103 School Entrance Requirements

9.104 Enrollment and Attendance Records

9.105 Child Custody

9.106 Student Residency

9.107 School Enrollment Choice Options

9.108 Homeless Students

9.109 Foreign Exchange Students

9.110 Home Based Education

9.111 Alternative Education Programs

9.2 Student Fees/Charges and Extra-Curricular Activities

9.200 Student Fees and Charges

9.201 Student Travel

9.202 Student Field Trip or Activity Travel

9.203 Student Clubs and Organizations

9.204 Student Fund Raising Activities

9.205 Junior High Activities and Athletics

9.3 Student Rights, Conduct and Discipline

9.300 Student Rights and Responsibilities

9.301 Nondiscrimination

9.302 Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

9.303 Student Privacy

9.304 Behavior, Student Responsibility

9.305 Behavior, Student Rights

9.306 Student Discipline

9.307 Suspension/Expulsion for Students with Disabilities

9.308 Student Dress Code

9.309 Electronic Devices

9.310 Acceptable Use Policy (Students)

9.4 Student Safety and Health

9.400 Health Screenings

9.401 Student Immunizations

9.402 Medication at School

9.403 Seizure Rescue Medication

9.404 Emergency Epinephrine Response to Anaphylaxis

9.405 Catheterization

9.406 Communicable Diseases

9.407 Students with Head Lice

9.408 Students with Diabetes

9.409 Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

9.410 Illness or Injury

9.411 Home and Hospital

9.412 Emergency Disaster

9.413 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Students Participating in Extracurricular Activities

9.414 Possession, Use or Distribution of Illegal Drugs, Illegal Drug Paraphernalia, Alcohol, and Tobacco Products

9.415 Management of Sports-Related Concussions and Head Injury

9.416 Wellness

9.5 Student and Staff Memorials

10. Community Involvement

This series addresses the school system's external relations with parent and family involvement, mass media communication, advisory committees, complaints concerning school personnel, and relations with Community Councils and other agencies concerned with education.

11. Data Governance

This series contains policies to ensure data security and protect student privacy.

12. IT Security

This series addresses the secure use and handling of all district data, computer systems and computer equipment by all board members, employees, temporary employees, third-party vendors/contractors, and volunteers of the Ogden School District.