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Know Your Information Sources

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As a community organization that exists to promote learning and provide education, Ogden School District is committed to enhancing the collective knowledge and understanding of all stakeholders. The information related to COVID-19 is highly fluid and continues to evolve. We encourage our patrons to rely on local health, medical and scientific experts for the most recent and most accurate information.

CDC, Utah Department of Health and Weber-Morgan Health Department

Utah’s Public Health System has initiated a Coronavirus Information Line, 1-800-456-7707, brought to us through the Utah Poison Control Center. It is staffed with healthcare professionals whose focus is to answer questions, give status updates and local advisories related to Coronavirus.

CDC Recommendations

Face Mask Information

Face Mask

Study shows using face masks helps reduce risk.

Don & Doff (put on & take off) you face mask properly.

Cleaning reusable face masks.

Sanitation & Hygiene

Hand Washing Hygiene

How to wash your hands properly.

Cómo lavarse las manos adecuadamente.

School Bus Safety

School Bus Icon

Ogden School District transportation partner, First Student, provides a guide for parents with information regarding school bus safety.