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Partnering with Community Christmas, Dia de los meurtos en ogden & United Way of Northern Utah

How do Dia de los Muertos and Christmas combine to help families? Through Parenting Elevated!

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Parenting Elevated is a strategic effort to assist adults as they develop parenting skills and connect with community partners to discover resources and support available for families.

Dia de los Muertos en Ogden provides exciting activities and student-focused displays and performances during a day-long festival hosted at Ben Lomond High School. During this free event, parents are able to participate in our Parenting Elevated sessions. These free sessions focus on two important areas.

  1. Helping students succeed in school
  2. Helping parents access vital community resources

For families in need of holiday assistance, adults may qualify for participation in the non-profit program Community Christmas.

Sessions provided during Parenting Elevated include:
  • Talent Development (English or Spanish)
  • Career Pathways for Students (English or Spanish)
  • The Importance of Attending School Every Day (English or Spanish)
  • Supporting the Emotional Needs of Students (English or Spanish)
  • Accessing FREE Professional Tutors for Students (English or Spanish)
  • Protecting Ourselves from Prediabetes (English or Spanish)
  • Using Technology Safely (English & Spanish Combined)

About Dia de los Muertos en Ogden


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Dancer at cultural celebration

Celebrates and honors:
- Latino culture & community inclusivity
- Visual & Performing Arts
- Youth outreach with students in our community



Cultural Singer

The day-long festivities shine a light on Ogden’s Hispanic community with free events for all ages including a community altar, music and entertainment, vendors, a film festival, student art showcase, car show, food trucks, and more.


About Community Christmas


Community Christmas is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to families in need each winter holiday season.

Community Christmas strives to give short term help with immediate needs while also providing adults with access to learning resources and community partners for support with long term goals of skill development and personal growth.

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Some of the resources provided through Ogden School District's Parenting Elevated program can be used to complete prerequisite conditions for participation in Community Christmas.
We encourage parents to use the utilize the skill-building materials provided on this web page as well as the Additional Parent Development web page and to refer to the community resources web page to find support throughout the year.

Community Christmas Information

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting: This presentation includes simple tips to support families in creating clear expectations and procedures to help reduce conflict and build relationships with children.

Crianzas Positivas

Crianza proactiva: esta presentación incluye consejos sencillos para apoyar a las familias a crear expectativas y procedimientos claros para ayudar a reducir los conflictos y establecer relaciones con los niños.

Creating an Online Learning Environment at Home

Creating an Online Learning Environment at Home: This presentation includes information to help parents establish a space for students to focus on school work without distractions.

Crear un Entorno de Aprendizaje en Linea En Casa

Creación de un ambiente de aprendizaje en línea en el hogar: esta presentación incluye información en como ayudar a los padres a establecer un espacio para que los estudiantes se concentren en el trabajo escolar sin distracciones.

Is Attendance Important?

Attendance Importance: This is a challenging time to focus on attendance. This presentation will help clarify why attendance should still be a priority and what parents can do to make sure it is.

Es la asistencia importante?

Asistencia Importante (Attendance Importance)

Importancia de la asistencia: Este es un momento desafiante para poder concentrarse en la asistencia. Esta presentación ayudará a aclarar por qué la asistencia debe seguir siendo una prioridad y qué pueden hacer los padres para asegurarse que la asistancia es importante.

SafeUT | Suicide Prevention

SafeUT | Suicide Prevention: Learn about the app that all parents and students should install today. This valuable resource allows anyone to connect with a licensed counselor 24/7 as well as report issues happening at the school anonymously.

SafeUT | Prevención del suicidio:

SafeUT | Prevención del suicidio: conozca la aplicación que todos los padres y estudiantes deben instalar en su dispositivo móvil. Este valioso recurso permite que cualquier persona se conecte con un consejero con licencia las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, así como también reportar los problemas que suceden en la escuela de forma anónima.

Safe, Secure Relationships

Safe, Secure Relationships: How we support our children to identify different attachment styles, cope with feelings and create healthy relationships.

Screen Brain

Screen Brain: How the use of electronics (screens) affect brain development and influence problem behaviors.