Assessment & Accountability

The Office of Student Achievement supports our district, school, and classroom leaders in meeting state and district testing requirements. Our team aims to ensure a shared understanding of proper assessment practices among all educators, provide exemplary professional learning opportunities, and expedite educator access to critical data sources/reports.

The Board of Education of the Ogden City School District recognizes that accurate assessment of student performance is essential to the instructional decision making, to communicating with students and parents/guardians, and to appropriate decision making by educators. Student assessment is the process of gathering information regarding the degree to which students have attained the standards identified in district and state core curriculum. Assessment takes on a variety of forms including, but not limited to, norm-referenced tests, criterion-referenced tests, performance tasks, portfolios, checklists, teacher-developed tests, teacher observations, and student self-assessment.



Adam McMickell

Kim Bowman
Administrative Assistant

Andrea Thompson
Teacher Specialist