Assessment and Accountability

The Office of Assessment and Accountability supports our district, school, and classroom leaders in meeting state and district testing requirements. Our team aims to ensure a shared understanding of proper assessment practices among all educators, provide exemplary professional learning opportunities, and expedite educator access to critical data sources/reports.


SAGE Summative Challenge PD Challenge 2018

You deserve this!
You are a SAGE master who knows the ethics policy and test administration manual inside and out. We decided to honor your passion for sound assessment practices by creating this quiz-based competition and giving you an opportunity to showcase your skills (and potentially win some prizes!).

It’s a fun way to get ready for SAGE!
You are going to study the SAGE TAM and Ethics policy regardless of this challenge, so you might as well use your knowledge to compete in this district-wide competition and prove to the world that you are the greatest SAGE proctor ever!

Please follow the link below to access the complete rules:

SAGE Summative PD Challenge 2018

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