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LaJean Elder



Demo Slam Image

Recently, the OSD EdTech team had the privilege of presenting at this year's local EdTech Conference called the Utah Coalition of Educational Technology conference or more commonly known as the UCET conference. Our team, along with several other Google Certified Trainers in the state competed in a friendly competition where we all created a video that highlighted or demonstrated a Google related tip, trick, or tool.

During the presentation, each video was shared and then the audience chose their two favorite "SLAMS." The votes were tallied and our very own Du Bui, 7-12 Digital Learning Specialist, was the Demo SLAM champion. To view the videos from all the Trainers, click the link below! 

The Ultimate Demo Slam Video Links

Ian Davey

We want to celebrate an amazing sub-group of educators here in Ogden: our EdTech Teacher Leaders! Our EdTech Teacher Leaders are educators who, through professional development, have received one of several EdTech certifications.

Right now we have programs to guide our teachers through the following certifications:


Level 1 and 2


Level 1 & 2 Google Certified Educators

Google Certified Trainer

EdTech Endorsement


Want to know more about our awesome EdTech Teacher Leaders? Check out our EdTech Teacher Leader page on our website. Also be sure to check out the Teacher Leader Map to see which leaders work in your school!