Google Reference District

Ogden School District (OSD) has been formally recognized as a Google for Education Reference District, a distinction reserved for districts that demonstrate excellence and thought leadership through the innovative use of technology (including G Suite for Education and Chromebooks) to drive impact and positive learning outcomes.

This recognition is the result of Ogden School District's continued commitment to maximizing educational opportunities for all students, investing in high-quality professional development programs, and focusing its core work to ensure that the adoption of G Suite for Education helped actualize their vision for improving student achievement.  

Ogden School District began its “Going Google” story in 2014 when the district leadership team identified a need to foster innovative competencies within all classrooms and connect educators to diverse online communities of practice through meaningful engagement with cloud-based digital tools. District leaders also wanted to ensure students were taught how to use today's most advanced digital tools to prepare for the high-demand careers of tomorrow

As the district leaders moved to address these needs, it became clear that G Suite for Education complimented their vision by meeting the organization’s demand for digital-age productivity, communication, and creativity tools. Moreover, district leaders believed that the Google for Education community embodied the passion, innovative dispositions, and commitment to excellence that our community needed and deserved.

In the three years since adopting G Suite for Education, Ogden School District has been able to craft a new story for its educators and students. Educators are now engaging in real-time online collaboration and file-sharing, students are leveraging digital spaces to redefine how they interact with content and collaborate with their peers, and adult learners are taking advantage of personalized professional learning opportunities situated around Google’s tools to further develop their capacity to empower learning within their classrooms. To see the impact G Suite for Education has had on Ogden’s learning community, please click here to view their Stories of Impact slide deck.

Regarding Ogden School District's move to G Suite for Education, Assistant Superintendent Chad Carpenter stated, “the benefits and enhancements Ogden School District has seen since formally adopting G Suite for Education are innumerable. It has become increasingly important for our district to improve the collaboration among students, grade level teams, and school and district teams. G Suite for Education has continued to ignite enthusiasm for projects and initiatives at every level, including with our students K-12.”

Ogden School District is now listed on the Google for Education Directory.