This summer we have a unique opportunity for a few teachers to participate in an innovative Teacher Externship Program.

This program will place teachers in industry to work during the summer for a 6-week period. The goal of the externship program is to provide teachers with updated industry experience that they can then bring back to the classroom to allow their students to more easily make real-world connections with their school projects.

Program Details:

  • Teachers will earn a Stipend of $150/day up to $4500 for the six-week program


  • While there is some flexibility on when the externship starts/finishes, teachers must commit to work at the facility full-time for a six-week term


  • Two positions are available to work at Orbital-ATK at their Promontory Facility in their Engineering Department. One position is available at Petersen Incorporated to working either Engineering, Manufacturing or Information Technology. One position is available at Parker Aerospace doing a workplace safety analysis for their Industrial Engineering group.


  • Preference will be given to Secondary Math, Physical Science, Engineering and Technology teachers.


  • As a part of the program, you will keep a journal of your activities and also create a set of lesson plans outlining the integration of your experience into your curriculum.

Teachers who are interested in applying for the program must complete the following application



Cory Ortiz


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Work Based Learning, STEM Specialist

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Cayme Olsen

Science and PBL Specialist