Fingerprinting & Background Checks

Location and Hours
1950 Monroe Blvd.           
Building 2, Room 103
Ogden, UT 84401

The fingerprinting office is open from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
There is no appointment necessary. Background checks will be conducted in the order they arrive.

Why are background checks required?
Ogden School District is charged with the responsibility to protect the health and safety of all students and to protect the property of the Board of Education. To help meet this responsibility, the Ogden District requires a criminal background check. This background check is incorporated as part of the district hiring process. (See Board Policy) 

Who needs a background check?
All Ogden School District employees must be fingerprinted and have cleared a background check before they begin working. 

What are the payment options?
We accept exact cash, checks made out to the Ogden School District, or credit/debit cards.