Data Governance

The Board of Education of Ogden School District recognizes its moral and legal responsibility to protect student privacy and ensure data security (student and staff data). Utah’s Student Data Protection Act (SDPA), U.C.A §53E-3-401 requires that Ogden School District adopt a Data Governance Plan. Data governance is an organizational approach to data and information management that is formalized as a set of policies and procedures that encompass the full life cycle of data; from acquisition, to use, to disposal.

The OSD Data Governance Plan is applicable to all employees, temporary employees, contractors, and volunteers of the Ogden School District. The policy must be used to assess agreements made to disclose data to third-parties. This policy must also be used to assess the risk of conducting business. In accordance with Ogden School District policy and procedures, this policy will be reviewed and adjusted on an annual basis or more frequently, as needed. This policy is designed to ensure only authorized disclosure of confidential information.

Want to know what data the Ogden School District uses to provide educational opportunities to its students? The Utah State Board of Education maintains a record of the systems and services with which we share data. Click the link here to view this Metadata Dictionary or down below under Resources.