Our goal is to enhance the education mission of Ogden School District by procuring all materials, equipment, supplies, services and commodities at the lowest cost consistent with quality, quantity and delivery requirements in a professional, ethical manner.

We want to maintain an open line of communication and dedicated assistance to Schools, District Staff, Parents, Students, Vendors and the Business Community.

The Purchasing Department provides and coordinates many different services for the Ogden School District including:

  • Bidding Services
  • Positive Vendor Relations
  • Surplus and Obsolete Item Disposal - except technology items
  • Assisting in Preparation of Project Specifications
  • Construction of New Facilities and the Remodeling of Existing Facilities
  • Procurement Training
  • Documentation - Vendor Forms, Requisitions, and Purchase Orders

Standard Documentation For All Solicitations:
Current RFPs and SOQs Out To Bid (See Active Requests for Proposal and Statement of Qualifications Above for Details):
  • None
Closed RFPs and SOQs For Which Bids Are Under Evaluation:
  • RFP24-019 - Mathematics Intervention Solution for Special Education Students in Grades K-8
RFP and SOQ Bid Tabulation Results of Recently Closed Solicitations:
Architectural Services and Engineering Services

Public Surplus - Current Auctions for Ogden School District