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2009 Portables Move.doc

21st TEC Rooms_2.pdf

21st TEC Rooms_3.pdf

21st TEC Rooms_4.pdf

7-004 SOIQ for Bond Architect Services.doc


Fire Systems Spec 2009.doc

Grant Narrative Evaluation -RFQ4-008.doc

Highland JHS Rm12.pdf

Highland Mound Fort Mount Ogden Relight Bid.doc

Mental Health RFP.doc

Ogden City School District RFP BNES TEC.doc

Ogden City School District RFP GMES TEC.doc

Ogden City School District RFP HMES TEC.doc

Ogden City School District RFP LCES TEC.doc

OSD Website Redesign RFP Evaluation Criteria.xls

Playground RFP--Website Version.doc

ResponsetoScoresRFP7-005 (1).doc

ResponsetoScoresRFP7-005 (1).doc

ResponsetoScoresRFP7-006 (1).doc

RFB4-011 Legal Ad Notice-Soccer Complex.doc

RFP 10-007 Md Fort Boiler Replacement 2009.doc

RFP 10-008 Highland Computer Lab Rm-12 Electrial Telecommunications.doc

RFP 10-009 Taylor Asbestos.pdf

RFP 10-010 Carpet Spec Taylor.doc

RFP 10-012 Auto Shop.doc

RFP 10-013 Portable Move 2010.doc

RFP 10-014 Taylor Canyon Electrical Telecommunications.doc

RFP 10-015 Sports Court.doc

RFP 10-016 Athletic Trainers.doc

RFP 10-017 Polk Electrical Upgrade 2010.doc

RFP 10-018 Gramercy Boiler Replacement 2010.doc

RFP 6-008 - Storage Area Network Device.doc

RFP 6-010 Nursing Services.doc

RFP 6-011 OT Services.doc

RFP 6-012 PT Services.doc

RFP 6-013 Athletic Trainers.doc

RFP 7-002 Bus Advertising Bid Tabulation sheet .xls

RFP 7-006 Whole District Network Wiring Upgrade.doc

RFP 9017 Heritage Electrical-Telecommunications.doc

RFP 9018 James Madison Electrical-Telecommunications.doc

RFP 9019 TO Smith Electrical-Telecommunications.doc

RFP 9020 Ben Lomomd Electrical-Telecommunications.doc

RFP 9021 Ben Lomond Century 21st Electrical-Telecommunications.doc

RFP 9022 Ogden High Marquee.doc

RFP 9026 Bleachers and Benches.doc

RFP1-001 Hillcrest Electrical Remodel 2010.doc

RFP1-002 Horace Mann Boiler Replacement 2010.doc

RFP1-003 Mound Fort Electrical Remodel 2010.doc

RFP1-004 Space Shuttle Repainting Spec.doc

RFP1-005 Mount Ogden Boiler Replacement 2010.doc

RFP1-006 Highland Jr Electrical Remodel 2010.doc

RFP1-010 Ogden City School District Lincoln Erate.doc

RFP1-011 Ogden City School District Washington High Erate.doc

RFP1-012 Dee Elementary Electrical-Telecommunications.doc

RFP1-013 Ben Lomond High School Electrical-Telecommunications.doc

RFP1-015 Astro Camp Asbestos Abatement.doc

RFP1-016 Ogden High Phase III Asbestos Abatement 3 Floors.doc


RFP1-020 Ben Lomond Gym Restroom Remodel.doc

RFP1-021 Md Fort Cafeteria Door Spec.doc

RFP1-022 Jr High Bleachers Bid.doc

RFP1-023 Washington High Cleveland 24CEA10 Steamer.doc

RFP1-024-TO Smith Elem. Vulcan Convection Ovens.doc

RFP1-025 Dee Elem Remodel Notice to Contractor.doc

RFP1-026 FACS Lab at Md Fort.doc

RFP1-027- Paper Towels & Dispensers Bid.doc

RFP1-028 Toilet Paper & Dispensers Bid.doc

RFP1-029-Cleaning Chemicals & Dispensers Bid.doc

RFP1-030- Foaming Hand Wash & Dispensers Bid.doc

RFP2-001 2012 Highland Irrigation System.doc

RFP2-002 2012 Mt Ogden Irrigation System Replacement.doc

RFP2-003 2012 Highland Gym Roof Repair Spec.doc

RFP2-004 Gramercy Elementary Telecommunications - Infrastructure.doc

RFP2-005 T.O. Smith Elementary Telecommunications - Infrastructure.doc

RFP2-006 Mound Fort Jr. High Telecommunications - Infrastructure.doc

RFP2-007 Telecommunications - Switches--Wireless.doc

RFP2-008 Astro Camp and The Cottage Demolition Project.doc

RFP2-009 2012 Highland Kitchen Remodel.doc

RFP2-010 2012 Mound Fort Cafeteria Remodel.doc

RFP2-012 Ogden School District Palo Alto 5020 RFP.doc

RFP2-013 Hillcrest Wiring-Infrastructure.doc

RFP2-014 Horace Mann Wiring-Infrastructure.doc

RFP2-015 Polk Wiring-Infrastructure.doc

RFP2-016Wasatch Wiring-Infrastructure.doc

RFP3-003 -Odyssey Telecommunications & Switches.doc

RFP3-004 - ADDENDUM 1.doc

RFP3-004 - New Image -1.JPG

RFP3-004 -ADDENDUM 3.doc

RFP3-004 -New Image -3.JPG

RFP3-004 -New Image -4.JPG

RFP3-004 2013 New Maintenance Facility.doc

RFP3-004 ADDENDUM 2.doc

RFP3-004 Maintenance Building 2.pdf

RFP3-004 Maintenance Building.pdf

RFP3-006 School Bus Advertising.doc

RFP4-001 Ogden High Bldg2 Wiring.doc

RFP4-002 Mt Ogden Jr Wiring RFP.doc

RFP4-003 20th Campus Wiring RFP.doc

RFP4-006 Ogden - Substitute Teacher Services - 2013.doc

RFP4-007 - Demolition 2100 Madison Site.doc

RFP4-007-List of Pre-Bid Walk-Through Companies.doc

RFP4-007-Property Address-Parcel No.doc

RFP5-002 2014 Trash Removal Spec.doc

RFP5-003 OCSD Consultant 2015.doc

RFP5-004 Highland Junior High Corridors Bid Packet.doc

RFP5-005 -RFP5-006 - George Washington High and Mount Ogden Jr. Fire System Replacement.doc

RFP5-005 George Washington Div 00_01.pdf

RFP5-006 Mount Ogden Div 00_01.pdf

RFP5-007 - 2015 Highland Upgrade Project.doc

RFP5-007 - High JrHigh Construction Documents

RFP5-007 Highland bid tally sheet.pdf

RFP5-008 - 2015 Mound Fort Upgrade Project.doc

RFP5-008 Md Fort Spec bid set.pdf

RFP5-008 Mound Fort ADDENDUM 1 04 30 15.pdf

RFP5-008 Mound Fort addendum 2 05.05.15.pdf


RFP5-009 Transportation RFP bid tabulation sheets (1).pdf


RFP5-010 Taylor Canyon Playground.doc

RFP5-010 Taylor playground advertisment (1).pdf

RFP5-010 TC playground equipment.pdf

RFP6-003 - Oct 5 Q & A.doc

RFP6-003 Benefits Advisor-Advocate.doc

RFP6-003 Evaluation Rubric.xls

RFP6-003 letter of Justification.pdf

RFP6-003 Standard Examiner ad for Employee Benefits Advisor - Advocacy Services.doc

RFP6-005 Grant Evaluator.doc

RFP6-005 rubric.xls

RFP6-006 OCSC Ph2A Pre Bid Mtg 02112016.pdf

RFP6-006 OCSC Pre bid construction meeting attendance 02112016.pdf


RFP6-006- Addendum 01.pdf

RFP6-007 -Asbestos Abatement - Edison Elementary.pdf

RFP6-008 SAN.xls

RFP6-009 Edison Demo Project - Pre Bid Walk Through Sign In sheets.pdf



RFP6-009-Edison Demolition Project.doc

RFP7-001 Child Nutrition Dairy Contract.doc

RFP7-002 School Bus Advertising.doc

RFP7-003 OSDWebsiteRedesign.pdf

RFP7-005 WiFi Hardware Evaulation.xls

RFP7-006 WiFi Wiring Evaluations.xls

RFP7-007 -Response to the Mound Fort Cooler Bid.pdf

RFP7-007 Mound Fort bid walk sign in sheet.pdf

RFP7-007 Mound Fort Cooler Project Bid Tab Sheet.pdf

RFP7-007 Updated bid form.pdf

RFP7-007-Md Fort Cooler Project -May 2017.doc

RFP8-002 Pizza 2017 Bid Instuctions and Specs.doc

RFP8-002 Pizza 2017 Bid Notice.doc

RFP8-002 Pizza 2017 Cheese Vendor Quote Form.doc

RFP8-002 Pizza 2017 Pepperoni Vendor Quote Form.doc

RFQ 3-002 Communications 2012.doc

RFQ3-001 Legal Services.doc

RFQ4-004 2013 Pools Architectural Spec.doc

RFQ4-005 2013 Pools Engineering Spec.doc

RFQ4-008 Carol White Evaluator 11-1-2013.doc

RFQ4-009 Construction Manager ~ General Contractor Services.doc

RFQ4-010 -OCSD Grant Evaluaiton Services April 2014.doc

RFQ4-012 - OCSD RFQ Grant Evaluator June 2014.doc

RFQ6-002 Standard Examiner ad for Architectural Services.doc

RFQ6-002 Track & Fields for Ben Lomnd and Ogden High Schools.PDF

SOIQ 6-001 bid tabulation sheet.xls

SOIQ 7-004 bond architect rubric round 2.xls


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Ken Crawford
Kaye Cherrington
Purchasing Clerk

Child Nutrition Contracts

New Panel

Our goal is to enhance the education mission of Ogden School District by procuring all materials, equipment, supplies, services and commodities at the lowest cost consistent with quality, quantity and delivery requirements in a professional, ethical manner.

We want to maintain an open line of communication and dedicated assistance to schools, district staff, parents, students, vendors and the business community.

The purchasing Department provides and coordinates many different services for the district, including:

  • Bidding Services
  • Positive vendor relations
  • Surplus and Obsolete Item Disposal - except technology items
  • Assisting in preparation of specifications
  • Construction of New Facilities/remodeling of existing facilities
  • Procurement Training
  • Documents - Requisitions, Vendor Form