Ogden School District Preschool


Ogden School District Preschool serves students ages three to five years old who have been identified as having a disability and require specialized instruction as defined by state and federal special education laws. 



If you suspect your child has a disability or delay in his or her adaptive (self-help), cognitive, communication, motor, or social -emotional skills, Ogden School District Preschool offers a free monthly Child Find screener.

To schedule an appointment, please contact: Tammy Marinaro, Special Education Administrative Assistant at 801.737.7326.


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Special Education Preschool Registration is OPEN!

Follow the instructions below to get registered or preschool!

Student has never been enrolled in Ogden School District


A student who has never previously attended Ogden School District will need documentation,

which includes the student's Birth Certificate, Immunization records and Proof of Residence.


  1. Parent/Guardian Driver's License.
  2. Proof of Residency (2 forms) in parent/guardian's name.
  3. Student' Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, Official State Birth Certificate with notary/seal. (The birth notice from hospital is not sufficient)
  4. Student's Current Immunization Records.

(Due to COVID-19, documentation can be submitted through email, text, USPS mail or by scheduling an appointment with school office.)

El estudiante nunca ha sido inscrito en el Distrito Escolar de Ogden



 Un estudiante que nunca antes haya asistido al Distrito Escolar de Ogden necesitará documentación que incluya el certificado de nacimiento del estudiante, los registros de immunización y la prueba de residencia.


  1.  Licencia de conducir de padre/tutor.
  2. Prueba de residencia (2 formularios) a nombre del padre/tutor.
  3. Certificado de nacimiento del acta de nacimiento del estado oficial con notario/sello. (El aviso de nacimiento del hospital no es suficiente)
  4. Registros de vacunación actuales del estudiante. 

(Debido al COVID-19, la documentación se puede enviar por correo electrónico, mensaje de texto, correo postal por medio de USPS o programando una cita con la oficina de la escuela).