Boundary Exception/Open Enrollment

Open School Announcement 2017-18 School Year

A parent/guardian may choose to send their child to a school that is not in their boundaries through the Boundary Exception / Open Enrollment Process. It is best to apply during the Open Enrollment window. This is generally December 1st through February 15th every year. A request to change schools outside of the Open Enrollment period may be submitted to the school anytime during the year. Please be aware that the process for these requests differ from the Open Enrollment Period. If you need assistance please call- English Line 801-737-7450, Spanish Line 801-737-7290

How to apply for a Boundary Exception / Open Enrollment

1. Complete Form found below or pick one up from the school office.

2. Turn it in to the school of choice, Main Office. You can mail the form or hand deliver it. If you wish to see the Principal in person, please make an appointment in advance.

3. You will receive a written response letting you know the status of your child’s application. If denied, there must be a reason written on the letter you receive.

4. If the request is granted you will enroll your child at that school. Take a copy of your acceptance letter with your registration forms.

5. If the request is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision within 10 school days of the denial being received. Please call Student Services at the District Office to request an appointment for a hearing with a District Administrator. Please call 801-737-7285

6. Students currently attending and are in 6th or 9th grade must submit an application for the next level school. For example: students who are attending 6th grade must apply for the Jr. High of their choice and 9th grade students must apply to the High School of their choice. This only applies if the student's residence is outside of the next level school's boundary.

Boundary Exception /Open Enrollment Form- English

Standards for students enrolled under the Boundary Exception / Open Enrollment.

Once enrolled, the nonresident student may remain enrolled from year to year unless until one of the following occurs:

1. The student graduates.

2. The student moves from elementary school to junior high school, or from junior high to high school, in which case a new School Choice Application must be submitted.

3. The student is no longer a Utah resident.

4. The District determines that an increase in the number of resident students precludes the continued enrollment of nonresident students for the coming school year, in which case parents will be notified in writing by April 1st.

5. The student commits a level IV or Level V violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

6. The student and/or parent/guardian does not abide by a written provisional agreement if one is in place.

Standards for accepting or rejecting applications for enrollment may not include:

  • Utah Code 53A-2-201 through 53A-1a-106iii
  • State Board Rule R277-437; R277-616
  • OSD Board Policy: 8.6.1-2

(3) (a) Standards for accepting or rejecting applications for enrollment may not include:

(i) previous academic achievement;

(ii) athletic or other extracurricular ability;

(iii) the fact that the student requires special education services for which space is available;

(iv) proficiency in the English language; or

(v) previous disciplinary proceedings, except as provided in Subsection (3)(b).

(b) A board may provide for the denial of applications from students who:

(i) have committed serious infractions of the law or school rules, including rules of the district in which enrollment is sought; or

(ii) have been guilty of chronic misbehavior which would, if it were to continue after the student was admitted:

(A) endanger persons or property;

(B) cause serious disruptions in the school; or

(C) place unreasonable burdens on school staff.

(c) A board may also provide for provisional enrollment of students with prior behavior problems, establishing conditions under which enrollment of a nonresident student would be permitted or continued.

Discipline and Due Process


Due Process is an administrative procedure followed to protect the right of the students and employees when a problem arises within a school.

1. Oral or written notice of the charge
2. An explanation of the evidence concerning the charge
3. An opportunity to refute/respond to the evidence
4. Knowledge of the right of representation
5. Knowledge of the right to appeal
6. Knowledge of the right to appeal procedure


1. Oral or written notice of disciplinary charge
2. Parents, guardians, or their designee present during the haring
3. Record of disciplinary action, written findings of facts, and conclusions
4. Representation by counsel
5. Witnesses or evidence based on the students behalf
6. Administrative review and appeal under school policy
7. Are not compelled to testify against their self
8. If found innocent all allegations and related information expunged from student's school record


First level of appeal: Notification of appeal (Procedural or Substantive) from the parent/guardian must be in writing and submitted to the building principal within 5 school days of the original decision. The building principal has 5 school days to act upon the appeal and provide a written decision to the parent/guardian.

Second level of appeal: The parent/guardian also has the right to appeal the principal’s decision within 5 days to the Executive Director of Elementary Education or to the Executive Director of Secondary Education. After appropriate review, the executive director will provide a written decision to the parent/guardian.

Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign Exchange Students Announcement 2018-19 School Year

Notice to agencies applying to place Foreign Exchange students
2018-19 School year

Notice to our agency partners:

January 15, 2018 - Agency Assurance Forms will be accepted for District approval. If you would like the opportunity to place a student in our District you may submit an Assurance Form to Valerie Hansen, Student Services. Please include your CSIET Certificate if your agency has one.

Ogden School District anticipates being allocated eight spots for Foreign Exchange Students for the 2018-19 school year. This would provide for four placements each at Ogden and Ben Lomond High Schools.

Student applications will be accepted in their entirety on April 1st by pre-approved agencies. If more applicants than spots are received, they will be placed in a lottery system for randomized selection in order to ensure fair and equitable consideration of all applications. Only applications completed in their entirety will be accepted. All student related forms and information will be made available March 1st on our website or by contacting Valerie Hansen.

Acceptance letters will be sent out after the Utah State Board of Education officially announces the number of student slots OSD will receive.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Valerie Hansen. Forms may be submitted electronically, by mail, or in person to:

Valerie Hansen, Secretary,
Student and Family Services
1950 Monroe Blvd.
Ogden, UT 84401
Phone: 801-737-7450
Fax: 801-737- 8869



27.0 TOTAL CREDITS (Minimum) needed for Graduation

A student must have the following credits in the specified area to be eligible for graduation. Please work with your school counselor to make sure you stay on track to graduate.

27.0 TOTAL CREDITS (Minimum) needed for Graduation

A student must have the following credits in the specified area to be eligible for graduation. Please work with your school counselor to make sure you stay on track to graduate.

Graduation Cap
English 91.0
English 101.0
English 111.0
English 121.0
World Civilization0.5
U.S. History1.0
U.S. Government0.5
History Elective0.5
Secondary Math I1.0
Secondary Math II1.0
Secondary Math III1.0
Science Course1.0
Science Course1.0
Science Course1.0
Health Class0.5
Health Participation0.5
Beginning Fitness0.5
Elective P.E.0.5
Fine Arts1.0
Computer Tech0.5
Financial Literacy0.5

Guardianship and Power of Attorney

When a student is being enrolled in school by someone other than the parent, guardianship must be verified with proper documentation.


If you need assistance with the process or have questions please contact please contact Denise Richardson at 801-737-8522 or


  • If guardianship will be temporary, you will need to complete an Ogden School District Power of Attorney form. This is valid for one school year and only pertains to the student’s education. You may download the form here.
  • Legal Guardianship is processed through the court system and is used for long-term situations involving the parent(s). For more information please visit the Utah State Courts/ Guardianship Link


Home School

It is commendable that you are taking the time and effort to provide for your child/children’s educational needs in a manner that fits their learning style and your values. If, at any time, you would like to enroll one or more of your children in Ogden School District, please know that we would love to have the opportunity to teach and support them. We would also like you to know that if there are any specific subjects you would like your student to be taught from the district or school programs you would like them to participate in, they may be dual enrolled in both home school and in the school district. Thus combining home school and public school opportunities. As an example, many choose this option to take advantage of our music and arts programs or for academic classes that are not available through home schooling.

Please fill out the Home School Affidavit and return to Student Services. The form must be notarized before we can accept it and the original will be kept by Ogden School District. If your child receives Special Education services you must have an exit meeting with someone in that department before the form can be turned in to Student Services.

Home School AffidavitDeclaración de Escuela en Casa

Home School SurveyEncuesta de Declaración de Escuela en Casa

The links listed below are to websites that can provide you, as a parent, information and resources that may be helpful.

Utah State Board of Education SOEP Online School

Utah State Board of Education

Utah Home Education Association

You may also contact Student Services if there is anything we can do to assist you or if you have any questions. Our contact information follows:

English: Valerie Hansen, 801-737-7450,

Español: Vivian Goné, 801-737-7290,

1950 Monroe Blvd., Administration Bldg. #1, Room #106

Mailing address:

Ogden School District

Attn: Student Services

1950 Monroe Blvd.

Ogden UT 84401

** Under Utah State law a parent is required to enroll and send a school-age minor (6-18) to a public or private school during the school year of the district in which the minor resides. A local school board shall excuse a school-aged minor from attendance, if the school-aged minor’s parent files a signed and notarized affidavit with the school-aged minor’s school district of residence, as defined in Section 53A-2-201. Students excused from attendance under this law shall be issued a Certificate of Exemption from School Attendance annually from their district of residence. (UCA §53A-11-101 and 102).

Patron Concerns

The Ogden School District takes all concerns and complaints seriously. The District values the concerns of our parents, staff, students and community. Complaints are respected and honored; there are no negative consequences for filing a complaint. No reprisals or retaliation shall be invoked against any student, parent or employee for processing, in good faith, a complaint, either on an informal or formal basis, or for participating in any way in these complaint procedures. Every attempt is made to resolve complaints informally and at the lowest level possible. In the instances when that is not possible, a formal process is in place.

If you are unable to resolve an issue with the school you may submit your concern to a District Administrator. Please fill out the Patron Concern Form and submit it to the address below. You may download one now or come into Student Services at the District Office You may also contact Nelida Gil at 801-737-7285,

Patron Concern Form
Please mail or submit to Ogden School District, Attn: Nelida Gil, 1950 Monroe Blvd., Ogden, UT 84401

School Registration

Registering your child for school:

A parent or guardian may register a child for school with the documents listed below. They are to be turned in to the main office of the school boundaries in which you live. If you have received a boundary exception then they will need given to that school. For help locating your school please call Valerie Hansen, 801-737-7450.

  • Registration Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Proof of Address ( utility bill, or rental contract, lease, etc.)
  • Transcripts

Section 504

Section 504 and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a Federal civil rights law that is designed to eliminate disability discrimination in programs and activities that receive Federal funds. All public school districts receive Federal funds and must comply with Section 504.

Children requiring health services at school may be covered under Section 504. If your child needs a 504 accommodation, please contact your school administration.

District 504 Coordinator
Suzanne Ellison-Ferre

“No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States . . . shall, solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance . . .”

504 Documents for School use

504 Overview
504 List of Forms
504 List of Coordinators
504 Parents Rights

504 Parents Rights (Spanish)

Download File

Suggested 504 Accommodations

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File

Download File



Excused Absence Definitions:

1. Excused Absence or Valid Excuse" means an absence resulting from:

  • an illness;
  • a death of a family member or close friend
  • a documented medical appointment
  • a family emergency;
  • an approved school activity;
  • a pre-approved family activity or travel, consistent with District policy. In determining whether to pre-approve a family activity or travel as a valid excuse, the district shall approve the absence if the District determines that the absence will not adversely impact the student's education; or other absences may be considered as "valid excuses" as determined by the school.

2. "Truant" is an absence without a valid excuse or an excused absence.
Therefore, a student is considered "truant" when he or she is absent from school without a valid excuse.

3. "Habitual Truant" is a student, 12 years of age or older, who fails to cooperate with efforts on the part of designated school authorities to resolve the student's attendance prob1em(s) and/or has been absent without a "valid excuse" for ten (10) or more times during the school year.

Compulsory Education Violation (Ages: 6-14)
(Utah Code 53A-11-101.5)

A designated school administrator may issue a "Notice of Compulsory Education Violation" to a parent/guardian of a student, who is between six (6) and fourteen (14) years of age, if the student is truant (absent without a valid excuse) at least five (5) times during the school year. This "Compulsory Education Notice" shall include the following:

1. Direct the parent/guardian to meet with a designated school administrator to discuss the student's attendance problem and cooperate with the District to secure regular attendance by the student.

2. State that it is a Class B misdemeanor for the student's parent to intentionally or recklessly fail to meet with the school administration to discuss the student's attendance problems (or) to fail to prevent the student from being truant an additional five (5) more times during the remainder of the school year.

Habitual Truancy (Ages 12-16)
Notice of Truancy (Utah Code 53-A-11-101. 7)

A designated school administrator may issue a "Notice of Truancy" to a student, twelve (12) years of age or older, who has been truant (absent without a valid excuse) five (5) times during the school year. This "Notice of Truancy" shall include the following:

1. Direct the student and his/her parents/guardian to meet with a designated school administrator and cooperate with the school in securing regular attendance.

2. Establish a procedure for the student and or parent to appeal the absences, which have resulted in the "Notice of Truancy."

Habitual Truant Citation (Utah Code 53-A-11-101.7)

A designated school administrator may issue a "Habitual Truant Citation" to a student, twelve (12) years of age or older, who has been absent without a valid excuse for ten (10) or more times during one school year. This Citation will be issued only after reasonable efforts have been made by the school to resolve the school attendance problems. After issuing a "Habitual Truant Citation," the school shall then refer the habitual truant to juvenile court. The habitual truant is then subject to the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

School Nurses

Find additional health and medical resources at the Weber-Morgan Health Department

Nurse Medication Quiz (employees only)

Mitzi Christoffersen, R.N. (801) 737-886
  • Horace Mann Elementary
  • T.O. Smith Elementary
  • Bonneville Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Dee Elementary
  • Gramercy Elementary
  • Md. Fort Junior High School

Tina Skerl, R.N. (801) 737-8825

  • Wasatch Elementary
  • Odyssey Elementary
  • James Madison Elementary
  • Hillcrest Elementary
  • Taylor Canyon Elementary
  • Polk Elementary
  • Mount Ogden Junior High School

Angela Points, R.N. (801) 737-8830
  • Ogden High School
  • Ben Lomond High School
  • Washington High School
  • Highland Junior High School
  • District Preschool
  • Shadow Valley Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School

District Nurses
1950 Monroe Blvd
Ogden, Utah 84401

Fax: 801-737-8515

Home and Hospital

Home & Hospital Information for Parents and Students

When the referral from the school is signed by the health care provider and submitted to the school, a meeting will then be scheduled with appropriate school personnel. The following guidelines should be followed:

1. A parent or other adult (21 or older) must be present during instruction. Home/Hospital teachers are not permitted to teach unattended students. Students who fail to meet scheduled appointments are in danger of losing eligibility for inclusion in the program.

2. The parent is responsible to provide a suitable teaching and learning environment.

3. Home/Hospital status cannot guarantee passing grades or class credit unless they are earned. Student progress and achievement will be evaluated by the Home/Hospital teacher for the period of time the student is enrolled in the Home/Hospital program.

4. Final Home/Hospital grade assessments will be given to the regular teacher to be included with their class grades or to the school registrar to be posted on their transcript.

5. Student returns as determined by the educational team with input from the doctor and parent. Home & Hospital teacher will notify the school concerning the student.

6. Parents are responsible to fill out the papers at the health care provider’s office for release of information under HIPAA.

Home & Hospital Flow Chart

Parent makes request for Home/Hospital Services because the student has a condition that warrants being confined from school for a minimum of 10 consecutive days.

HOME/HOSPITAL APPLICATION (to be completed by parent/guardian)

Flow Chart Arrow

Completed application is returned to student's school.
School shall scan and send a copy to the school nurse.

Flow Chart Arrow

Nurse will contact doctor to complete the PHYSICIAN STATEMENT OF NEED form.

Flow Chart Arrow

Nurse will contact district administrator with acquired information.

Flow Chart Arrow

District administrator will contact site based Home & Hospital Coordinator with recommendation of approval or denial of Home & Hospital request.

Flow Chart Arrow

If student is eligible for Home & Hospital services, the team completes H&H school plan and parent/guardian assurances form.

Flow Chart Arrow

If student is eligible for Home & Hospital services, the team completes H&H school plan and parent/guardian assurances form.

Flow Chart Arrow

If student is NOT eligible for Home & Hospital services, the team provides written notice of denial along with grievance procedures.