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Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides all students with a seamless education system from public education to postsecondary education, driven by a Plan for College and Career Readiness/SEOP. Through competency-based instruction and hands-on experiences, students obtain certified occupational skills, culminating in further education and meaningful employment. CTE prepares students for careers that are most in demand and that are part of the economic development of the state.

The High School to College and Career Pathways initiative helps match education and workplace needs. Through partnerships with postsecondary institutions, the school districts, business, and industry, Pathways identify and group courses within Career and Technical Education (CTE) areas of study that offer students depth of knowledge and skill, linked with specific postsecondary programs culminating in degrees or certificates.

CTE Pathways show students a direct connection between doing well in high school and being able to transition smoothly to postsecondary opportunities or getting a good job when they graduate. Students who focus on a Pathway acquire the skills necessary for entry into well-paid careers with high potential for rapid financial growth, increased levels of responsibility, and a high degree of personal satisfaction.




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CTE Student Profiles

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Business and Marketing Spotlight

Business and Marketing CTE Spotlight
Alaska Martinez, 2017 OHS graduate

Alaska Martinez, OHS 2017 graduate with quote about her CTE pathway.

Graphic Design Spotlight

Graphic Design CTE Spotlight
Francisco Marengo, Ben Lomond graduate

Graphic Design CTE poster featuring Francisco Marengo

Health Sciences Spotlight

Health Sciences CTE Spotlight
Nick Sikes, OHS graduate

Health Science CTE Spotlight

Manufacturing Spotlight

Manufacturing CTE Spotlight
Sean Smith, Ben Lomond graduate

Composite CTE Spotlight featuring Sean Smith
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Tim Peters

Tim Peters

Executive Director
Level 1 Google Certified Educator
Christine Heslop

Christine Heslop

CTE Specialist
Level 1 Google Certified Educator, Level 2 Google Certified Educator