Concurrent Enrollment

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment is an opportunity to receive required credits for high school graduation, while also earning credits towards a post-secondary educational goal. Also, Concurrent Enrollment provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits at a significantly reduced rate when compared with standard tuition rates.

How does it work?

Under the Weber State University Concurrent Enrollment model, students take college classes in the high school from high school faculty members who are certified by WSU to be qualified adjunct faculty. As in a traditional student-university relationship, students are required to be admitted to the university, and then have to register for courses. Concurrent Enrollment students can earn up to 30 credits in one academic year.

Important Dates

  • Fall Admissions Deadline
    • September 8, 2017
  • Fall Registration Deadline
    • September 15, 2017
  • Fall Classes Withdrawal Date (W on Transcript)
    • November 17, 2017
  • Spring Admissions Deadline
    • February 2, 2018
  • 2018 Spring Registration Deadline
    • February 9, 2018
  • Spring Classes Withdrawal Date (W on Transcript) -
    • April 13, 2018
  • Year Long Classes Withdrawal Date (W on Transcript) -
    • March 2, 2018

How much does it cost?

Students are required to pay a tuition of $5 per credit, at the time of registration. There is also a one-time Weber State University application fee of $30. Students never have to pay that fee again - ever. Books and supplies may or may not be covered by the school district.