Digital Elevation

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What is the Digital Elevation Program?

When school starts this fall, Ogden students will be issued a Chromebook computer for use at school. Schools will also start allowing students to take their devices and use them at home. This personal device program is part of Ogden School District’s commitment to maximize educational opportunities for all students, regardless of time and place. This take-home program will start at all secondary schools and then move to the elementary schools when ready. Further details about your school’s timeline will come soon.

About My Child’s Chromebook

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G Suite (Google Classroom)

Students and teachers use the Google tools to create documents, presentations, websites, and more. 

Elementary students use Google Classroom (a Learning Management System or LMS) to receive assignments from their teacher, submit work, and get feedback on their work. Teachers may also invite parents with a parent/guardian account to get notifications about their child's schoolwork.

Talk to your child's elementary schools for more details.

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Canvas LMS

Beyond the Google tools, secondary students use Canvas LMS (Learning Management System). Teachers use Canvas to help your child interact with their schoolwork, manage their assignments, submit homework, and keep track of due dates.

With Canvas, students and parents can see the details behind your student’s digital assignments. The link above will take you to the OSD Canvas sign in page where parents can create an account and sign in.

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Aspire SIS

Aspire SIS is the Student Information System and official source for grades and attendance in Ogden School District. This is the portal through which students and parents can see grades and attendance information and get in touch with teachers.

Although teachers may share learning through Google Classroom or Canvas, Aspire SIS is still the authoritative source for grades in OSD.