Chromebook Repair Information

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We are a 1:1 Technology District

This means that Ogden School District provides a personal computing device, such as a Chromebook, for every student. These devices are issued to students with no initial cost to families. However, like textbooks, it is the responsibility of students to properly use and care for these devices. When a device is damaged, students and their families can be charged for the expense of repairing or replacing the device.

The estimated cost of repairing different components can be found in the Chromebook Repair Fee Schedule.

The existing age of the device will be considered when choosing to repair or replace a device, as older devices might not be economical to repair. In this case the student would need to cover the prorated device asset cost. This is defined as follows in the Chromebook Depreciation Schedule.


Chromebook Depreciation Schedule

Chromebook depreciation will be based on the number of months since the original device enrollment date, the Chromebook issued date and the date the Chromebook was returned broken. The original enrollment date is the date when the device is placed into service. The total cost of a Chromebook is $252 including the power adapter and management licenses and costs for a projected usage of 72 months. This equals $3.50 a month regardless of the day of the month. Encouraging students to get their devices repaired sooner than later if damage occurs, potentially saving a month’s worth of expenses.

In simpler terms, $252 - ( $3.50 * month before issued) - ($3.50 * number of months the student has had the device) = how much the parent will need to pay to replace the Chromebook if damaged beyond reasonable repair as determined by the Ogden School District


If today's date is May 15th, 2020, and the device enrollment date was April 15th, 2018, and the device issue date to the student was August, 15, 2019. 

The cost to the student for a replacement would be the original cost minus $3.50 for each of the 13 months of use. This equates to a cost of $204.50 to replace the device ($252.00 - $45.50).