English Language Development (ELD)


In order to support the engagement and contributions of Multilingual Learners in a global society, Ogden School District will provide the necessary services to ensure equal access to all educational opportunities through culturally responsive teaching, research based sheltered instruction, and the use of academic language. Teachers throughout the district are trained in effective methods of instruction that promote our pillars of educational support to aid Multilingual students in attaining educational success. 

Families are asked to complete a home language survey when students are first enrolled at a school in our district. If specific questions on the HLS survey indicate a language other than English, the school checks for past English language testing. If none is present, an English language screening test is given. The results of the screener will show whether the student could benefit from English language services. Students who could benefit from English language services are placed in an English Language Development class (Grades K-6) or Multilingual Literacy class (Grades 7-12). Parents, staff, and students create individualized learning plans aimed at supporting multilingual students throughout their English language acquisition journey. 

Alternative Language Services are designed to ensure academic rigor, cultural relevance, positive learning environments, and ongoing English language development for students that understand or speak multiple languages. All Ogden City School District Multilingual Learners receive specific, targeted instruction to promote English language proficiency. 



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