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Ogden Online

What is Ogden Online?

Ogden School District is excited to launch our new online learning program: Ogden Online. The OSD vision is Empowering Excellence Through Education and we believe education is an activity that can take place regardless of time and place. The availability of online courses will help provide flexibility for students and additional pathways toward graduation. Ogden Online will provide OSD students a seamless opportunity to engage in online learning for original credit courses.

As Ogden Online grows we also have a partnership with Utah Online School (UOS). UOS provides Ogden School District students with an online opportunity in the event we don't offer a course online yet.

Homeschool students may also be eligible for Ogden Online classes. Please contact Vivian Goné at 801-737-7290 for more information on dual enrollment.


Ogden Online courses are designed with the student in mind. Teachers prepare engaging digital coursework that not only meets the needs of the Utah State Core Standards but also engages students in their learning much more than just reading and assessing online. Each Ogden Online course also ensures that a "classroom" community is developed digitally through discussions, collaboration, and experiential activities.

Is Ogden Online Right for Me?

Children who flourish in an online space typically:

  • Enjoy managing their own time while staying engaged in many working environments. (Self-Management)
  • Are persistent even when tasks are difficult. (Grit and Classroom Effort)
  • Have the confidence to make their own choices with moral integrity. (Self-Efficacy)
  • Learn well from text, video, and digital collaboration with their peers (Learning Strategies)
  • Are comfortable communicating digitally through email, Canvas, or other tools. (Communication)

Ogden Online students will still have access to the typical OSD supports including their teacher, counselor, and adviser; instructional content on Canvas; and potential interventions/extensions as deemed necessary by the teacher.

How do I enroll at Ogden Online?

When your child selects courses for the following school year, have them express interest to their counselor. Counselors will have the full list of of available courses and when they are offered. When master schedules are determined each year, OSD counselors will create sections of online courses and enroll OSD students in either Ogden Online courses or enroll them in UOS courses, depending on interest.


How can I learn more?

Below you will find update information, important links, and a detailed FAQ resource with the answers to many of your questions.


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Ogden Online Team

Adam McMickell
Director of Student Achievement

Ian Davey
Digital Teaching & Learning Specialist

Ryan Edel
Digital Teaching & Learning Specialist

Ben Lomond High School Point of Contact

Jennifer Thornell
Assistant Principal

Ogden High School Point of Contact

Heather Gerrard 
Assistant Principal

LaJean Elder 
Admin Intern


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